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2nd miscarriages in a row....scared to try again Lock Rss

Hi ladies, so am currently recovering from my 2nd miscarriage within 6 months. My first was a mmc...I didn't know anything was wrong until my 12 week scan and our baby had passed away at 7+3. It was our first pregnancy and we were completely devastated. I had a D&C that day and recovered fairly quickly. We were lucky enough to conceive within 3 cycles and were excited and naively thought we wouldn't have the same experience as last time. I started spotting on Friday night and by Saturday afternoon I had heavy bleeding and cramping and had the horrendous experience of passing our baby at home. I was i was 7 weeks....but seeing our baby on my pad was probably the most awful part. My doctor has been amazing and has given me a referral for some blood tests and has suggested when we get pregnant again I take baby aspirin and progesterone. We don't have an issues getting pregnant just seems we can't hold on to them. Has anyone else had 2 or more miscarriages and gone on to have healthy pregnancies and babies? We're a bit terrified to try again but have decided the pain we face with each miscarriage will hopefully bring us our rainbow baby. Thanks in advance.
First of all I'm so sorry for your losses. sad
I've had two missed miscarriages. One last year at 7 weeks (found out at scan at 8 weeks) and the year before at 8 weeks (found out at 10 weeks) so I can understand the pain and frustration.
I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant with baby no 2 and my obstetrician has had me taking a low dose aspirin to help prevent miscarriage since my first appointment with her at 8 weeks. I'm not sure if it has made a difference or not but I've made it this far so I like to think it has. I took progesterone early on too but this was an IVF baby.
It's scary to try again I know but you just gotta keep on trying because one of those babies is going to stick and it'll all be worth it. I wish you all the best. smile

I am really sorry for the big loss. I can understand your situation and I know what you are feeling right now. After facing the big trouble in life, most of the women fear next TTC. But all I can say you do not need to lose the hope and seek for the opportunity to make the things right in life and bring the happiness in life again. Now you can start the new phase in life. You need to keep the mind positive and enlightens the hope. Now you can make your dream true with the interactive webinar. It is the golden opportunity for the women who are facing the pregnancy issues in life. I am here to support you and want to inform about the benefits of attending the webinar which is going to be held in Ukraine on 21 September. Most of the women already excited to attend the webinar where they come to know about the women’s health related issues and its solution. Now you do not need to get worry and ask any type of question from the expert at Biotexcom.
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Hi dear. I am really sorry for the losses. I can understand your agony very well and I know you are going through the bad phase in life. My dear friend, all I can say you need to take the step ahead carefully and keep the mind positive. There is no doubt that stress and anxiety cause the infertility and miscarriage issues in life. Now you do not need to think about the past, you only take the experience of it to overcome and start the new phase in life. Your story sounds similar to me and I was terrible shaken after the continuously three miscarriages in my life. But I never lose the hope and directly contact to Lotus Clinic which was a boon for me. All I can say you need to keep the mind positive and don’t take the stress at all. I am here to support you and help you to conceive the baby healthy. It is your first pregnancy and you have the golden opportunity to make the things alright in the early stage to have the better tomorrow. I would like to suggest you to visit to Lotus Clinic only at once where you can get the courage and hope to conceive the healthy and safe baby.
You already faced the miscarriages and I think you should not take the risk at all. To conceive the baby you can directly ask to Lotus Clinic where you can get world class service and facilities that perfectly meet your requirement. Along with this you need to take care about health and eat the healthy nutrients diet daily. It help in keeping you fit during the pregnancy and you can conceive the baby naturally. smile
Hi, ladies. I’m so sorry for your loss. Don’t be worry or feeling depressed. 5 years ago, my sister had 2 miscarriages. In both miscarriages, she didn’t know that she pregnant. she used to drink alcohol and followed unhealthy lifestyle. Also, she used to take useless drugs. But from 3 years, she avoided that drugs she wanted to be pregnant. All her blood tests were okay. She tried to conceive for 2 years without result. But now she is pregnant and has a beautiful girl in her womb. Don’t give up and continue trying and trying. Surely, you’ll succeed. All best wishes.
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