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I recently had an early miscarriage, at 8 weeks. I know its part of life and we have to deal according to this. I felt grief, but there were also other emotions at play that I wasn’t prepared for. For one thing, I was irrationally angry at my husband for not being “sad enough.” I also have a single picture from my five-week ultrasound, and I don’t know what to do with it. I really need some to understand me Throw it away? Put it in my jewelry box? Right now it’s still on the fridge, but I turned it over.
Hey, Dont loses hope. I know how much it would be hard for you but it's in fate. I know this pain I had 3 miscarriages. I was not able to sleep even on y first miscarriage. I am facing infertility for 5 years. I didn't lose hope I knew it was not in my hands. I chose an unnatural way for me and that was surrogacy. I am a mother with the blessing of surrogacy. I have twins now. It was like a surprise to me. I hope every mother would be blessed with this blessing.
Sorry to hear about your miscarriages.I will suggest surrogacy for you.I have been trying to conceive from last 10 years now.Until now i don't had any luck with it.
I had several attempts of IVF and IUI.But i failed at them too.I don't know whats the main cause for these.
I contacted a number of clinics regarding my infertility issue.But the doctors can't also find the main cause for my infertility.
The doctors are also not sure that whats the main cause for infertility.They also can't tell that should i'll have a baby naturally or not.
So i am getting old now and i guess keep on waiting is not a good idea.I got suggestions from my friends to go for surrogacy.They say that i can have a baby via surrogacy.
I don't know much about surrogacy but i searched about it over the web and found that many people are going for it to have a baby.
But as i live in Bulgaria.Here surrogacy is totally ban.I don't know what to do.
From forums i came to hear about that Ukraine has many good clinics regarding surrogacy.
I think i should move to Ukraine for surrogacy now.
If someone has experience about surrogacy please guide me.
I am very sorry to hear about your loss, dear. But hey? you're a strong woman, right? You have to be brave and think positive. I know you must be feeling terrible. I've been in this situation, trust me. I know how you're feeling. But sitting home and thinking about it will just make you depressed. Don't do this to yourself, please. Lots of love and prayers for you!
Hi there hope you are fine.Don't b sad my love. This is life and we have to face all these hard times with courage. I had also gone through this phase. My old husband left me only because I am an Infertile lady.This society is very cruel, they only blame women for everything which???? is absolutely wrong. Well God plans were in my favor and after my failed marriage I finally met a person of my life. I married again and my second husband always supported me and I discussed Surrogacy with her and now by the Grace of God, I am blessed with two kids.GOD IS GREAT. I will suggest you to please go for it.Everything will be alright. Believe me, Surrogacy is amazing. You are going to be the mother very soon.Good luck. Don't ever lose hope.Stay blessed and Happy.Virtual hugs for you ????
Sorry to hear about your miscarriages, Don't worry.
Its the part of life.I am from Japan.I am also infertile.
We moved to Europe in search of a very good clinic.We didn't found a good clinic in Europe.We moved to Ukraine than.In Ukraine we found a clinic.It has many good reputation.As i am sharing my direct experience with you all.We found a good surrogate.Now she is pregnant with our two daughters.Soon we will have two daughters.
I guess you should also go for surrogacy.
hey! prayers for you lady. stay strong.
never consider that your partner is not that much concerned.
A man never expresses how they feel. he must also be broken deep inside but expressing like he really doesn't care.
I know how much painful this is. I wish you all the strength.
I know words could never heal all these things,
no matter where you leave that picture. it gonna live in your heart forever.
you would conceive very soon.
So sorry to hear about it. You must be in a very difficult position. Just let the ultrasound with you. You are emotional right now. Dont do anything you might regret. Hopefully, you'll get another baby. I am sure husband is as sad as you. He just doesn't wanna upset you with his grief.
Surrogacy is the best solution for women who are trying to have a baby.
But are unable to conceive due to pregnancy issues.
Like i was married once and i had also many complications regarding pregnancy.
They have suggested surrogacy as a solution to my problems.
Surrogate will carry our children in her womb for 9 months.
The surrogate will go through proper testing to carry our child.
I also had persuaded my husband for this option of having a baby.
I conceived for three times but resulted in miscarriage.
I want to have a baby of my own.
Ukraine has the best solution regarding surrogacy.
Hi Dorry. So sorry to hear your loss. Don't lose hope. Miscarriage can be very hard to cope with but being deemed infertile is harder. you can always try again. There is nothing wrong with trying. Miscarriages can really weaken you physically and emotionally. I have been through 2 miscarriages and know what it is like. I was diagnosed to be infertile and that took the last hope I had of having my own child. Adoption and surrogacy were the only options left for me. I always wanted my own biological child so I went with surrogacy from a clinic in Ukraine. I am happy with my daughter now. My advice to you is not to give up and keep trying. In life we tend to suffer from many ups and down however we should not let them confine us. Keep trying. I hope you get pregnant soon Take care.
Hey there! We are all here for you. And we totally understand you. Don't worry. You are being very strong about it. Stay the same. You will get through this. Try not to think about is so much. And for the picture, Let yourself have sometime. Then decide what to do. You can decide the best thing for yourself. You just have to wait for the right time. It will happen. I hope nobody had to go through it ever. And obviously, a mother's grief is always bigger. She is the one physically going going through everything. So she ought to be more involved.. Husbands have a passive role. They are just the bystanders. Let him be for now. Take care.
Hey, Dory, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I can completely understand that this must be a difficult time for you. I think for now you should place that picture somewhere safe. Dont give up and try again. Things happen and we have to accept them. I know it is easy said than done. However, in order to deal with these emotions, you need to talk to someone about them. So I would suggest you talk about your feeling with your husband.
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