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Hi. Today I want to share my story with you. After trying for 2 years, I was finally pregnant. It literally was the best day of my life. I was very excited. But I think destiny had other plans for me. I had an accident in which I lost my baby. I was broken. My husband helped me throughout this tough time. But things aren't fine. They aren't fine at all. I'm desperate for a baby. We're trying again, I hope I'm able to conceive. I want your prayers. I wish everything gets fine. Take care.
I'm so sorry for your loss, I have my fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed for you <3
Samatha it is really heartbreaking. Losing happiness is not an easy thing to face. There is one thing to remember and that is positivity. Stay calm. It is better to get yourself thoroughly checked to nullify the chances of any internal injury. It was an accidental miscarriage, therefore, there is nothing to do with your physical and physiological weakness. Wishing you a healthy and blessed future ahead.
Hello Samantha. I hope you're doing fine. Please hold your hopes high. We all are here to support you. We are here to pray for you. You will be a mother soon, i'm sure. Keep trying and never lose hope. Positivity is one thing that will always help you to remain calm. So please be positive and have faith in yourself. Much love.
I am so so sorry. Life works in a very weird way. What happened to you was tragic. I hope that you get over it soon. Do not be quick about conceiving again. It might help you get over the pain. But your body is too weak for it right now. Wait for sometime and then get some medical help from some nice place.
Hi Samantha. I hope you are doing good. It really hurts me that you had to go through such an accident. I know how it feels when such thing happens. I have been through an accident that leads me to miscarriage. My husband was the only thing that stopped me from breaking. However, the real tragedy was that I couldn't give birth naturally anymore. We were only left with some other options. I decided to go for surrogacy. I am a mother of two twins now. You should also never give up hope. Keep TTC who knows you'll get a good news tomorrow. I hope this helps. Wishing you good luck. Looking forward to hearing the good news.
samantha98 that’s so sad to you. you have faced a miserable condition. You are a warrior of your war. You have faced many troubles and after that, you are again saying that you want to conceive. That requires much efforts and courage. After 1 miscarriage a woman usually loses hope because she thinks that this was her last trial. At that time, she never wanted to try again. But after seeing towards the kids of friends and family she thought that no it’s a compulsory part of her life. She began readily to plunge into Death Valley. During this whole process, she just needs love, care, and sincerity. She does like this just to give happiness to her family. Husband is the most important personality or factor in this whole scenario. If he supports her and takes care of her wife, then she can do anything for him. Kids make their relationship stronger than ever. We wish you all the best for your next safe pregnancy. Hope so you will conceive and share your experience again.
I am so sorry for your loss. Hearing your story reminded me of my sister, who went through the same thing. She was in a serious trauma for quite a lot of time. But then by the grace of God, she conceived again. So don't lose hope.I know It's not easy at all. Losing a child is the worst thing that could ever happen to a person. Just keep trying. I know it's not easy to expect it to be okay. But trust me God will shower his blessings upon you. Take good care of yourself. And make sure you've healed properly before conceiving again.
I am really sorry for your loss Samantha. It is one of the heartbreaking moment for any woman when they come to know that something has happened terribly to their baby. It is a wish of every woman to have a family of their own. Some woman enjoys the motherhood while most of them can't enjoy in a natural way. I have faced the same situation in which I lost my baby after trying to conceive for one and half years. I was so depressed and was unable to see things clearly. Fortunately, nothing happened to me due to the incident and recovered minor injuries. Started TTC and it was a successful and now I have a complete family. It is a wonderful feeling when you hold a baby in your arms and forget every pain that you have faced. Don't give up yet, there is still life for you ahead waiting for you, all you have to do is to have faith in yourself. Take some precautions as well such as make a proper diet plan, eat healthy foods. Try to do yoga daily, it will help your body to remain in shape and stay fit. Take care of yourself and God bless you. Let me know if you want some more information related to Pregnancy. May the odds be ever in your favor.
I am very sorry, you have faced too much in your life. I am very much impressed from you that you didn't loose hope and you are trying your level best. This is best thing that you are doing. Facing a serious accident and after facing so much difficulties you still want to have a baby in your life. That shows the importance of having a baby in women life. Don't take tension, there are lot of other ways from which you can easily have a baby in your life. You need to understand the importance of your health. The only way you can have a baby is with healthy condition. Just try to give importance to your health. There are lot of chances for you to have a baby through surrogacy. This will be best for you to choose the surrogacy process. It will help you a lot in having a baby.
So sorry to hear this loss.Believe me, when I was reading the first line.I am feeling so happy that you are finally, conceived.But unfortunately, you have the loss.I am feeling so sad to have the face this worst thing in life.I knew difficult to forget but try to busy yourself with different things.Stay strong and keep trying.I hope you are feeling better soon.Stay happy and healthy.
Thank you so much for your positive vibes. I really appreciate it. And Linda, I totally agree with you. Maybe if I hurry, I could face another loss. I'm doing to the doctor for regular checkups, though. I'll be fine I guess. I need your prayers!
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