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coping with infertility Lock Rss

I'm 34 years old. Married for ten years. Marriages are supposed to bring happiness but it has been a difficult decade for me. I've had four miscarriages. I've had to deal with a couple of close deaths in the family. After a lot of mixed views on adoption, my partner and I have decided to opt for assisted conception. When we talked about assisted conception with our close friends, we were surprised because we got discouraged response from them. We were expecting more support. It was really hard for me to take, considering it's 2018 and we are still frowning upon such methods. Do people not understand that not everyone can have kids in a normal way? Are we not supposed to have happiness in our lives just because we are infertile? Surrogacy seems like such a good option for couples like ours. I've read a lot of positive experiences online and it has really made me feel better. Still waiting for a final push through. What do you guys think about it?
Hey there Samantha. I feel very sorry for you. I know you must be heartbroken. But hey? You have to stay strong and positive. You'll be able to face the world then only. I agree with you at the point that it's 2018 and people shouldn't frown upon these modern methods. They are just working on making our lives easier. Everyone deserves to become a parent. Having a child is an adorable feeling. Every couple wants to feel it. You should definitely go for surrogacy! Don't think about others, do what you and your husband think is right. Surrogacy is the most reliable method. I also had my daughter through a surrogacy process. I would really like you to have a child through surrogacy. Your dream of having a baby will be fulfilled and you'll know that surrogacy is merely a blessing. I wish you Luck! Sending baby dust your way!
Honestly speaking don't listen to people. When I had to go for surrogacy I would ask for suggestions but only suggestions. However, I did my own research and found out about things on my own. I knew that few things that I really wanted to look into was the legal concerns. Also, about the surrogate and lastly about the babies legal work. I did my research along with my DH. We started watching youtube videos and came across a clinic. We got in touch with them and were surprised with how organised they were. It was pretty clear to us that they knew what they were doing. The treatment was being done legally. The surrogate was also chosen after passing a health test. They also made us meet her which was an amazing experience. The clinic also ensured that she was taken extreme care of and her diet was catered to. Overall so far my experience has been great. Therefore, if you think surrogacy is what you and your DH should be heading for then it should be the one.
Hello Dear! I hope you're well. I'm sorry you're unable to conceive. It's a tough thing TTC. I think surrogacy is a really good option for you. I hate that these options so frowned-upon even today. It's 2018! These people just don't know the amount of stress and sadness a person goes through not being able to conceive. I say forget what they say. Once they see you with your baby, it won't matter how you got it. At least not to you and your loved ones. I'd advise you to look up a good clinic. It really matters for the quality of your experience. Best of luck! My prayers are with you. Love.
Hi, Samantha! I hope you are fine. I'm sorry to hear about your infertility. It's not just you. It's me and so many more women out there. We all are struggling with this. What I've learnt from this is that we need to stay strong ourselves. Nobody can help us the way we can help ourselves. Don't ask your friends or relatives or anyone else. They don't know how much pain you are going through. It's only you who feels it. Your DH's and your opinions matter. If you people are comfortable with surrogacy, then go for it. Don't think about what people will think. It's your life. You deserve to be happy.
Hey there. How are you doing? I am really sorry to hear about your issues. I Know it must be hard for you. I know because I have experienced the same. It is something not easy to handle. However, surrogacy and IVF are best options. I have had surrogacy. It was the best choice I ever made. I wish more people consider it. It's really a blessing of suicide. Do your research. Don't care what others say. I wish you good luck. Take care.
Hi there. Hope you're doing fine. I am so very sorry to hear what you had to go through. It must have been very hard. 4 MCs sound like a lot of pain. But I am glad you're considering alternatives now. Hey surrogacy is a great option. And it's your life. You get to decide what you wanna do. If your husband is supporting you in this. That's enough. Don't care about others. They don't know your struggles. You know them, right? So do what your heart says. It's a great alternative. And has a very high success rate. I wish you all the best for the future. Much love. x
Hey! dont be sad. You are taking the right decision. I have a girl through surrogacy. It is the most successful procedure if anyone wants babies badly. I have uterine polyps and I cannot maintain pregnancy. My gynaecologist suggested surrogacy to me. He also told me about a clinic in the UK. but I was not ready for it. So I asked many other doctors. They suggested me surrogacy from Europe. So I went for it. Now I am blessed with a girl. All I want to tell you that you have to take the right decision on right time. Dont waste time. Although age doesn't matter, people will only discourage. Just listen to your heart.
Remember that you can only be the one to decide what is right for you. Don't let anyone dissuade you if your heart tells you otherwise IMO
Hi hun! Your post made me feels so much better! We have been TTCing for 7 years after every test possible I have no known fertility issues, however, my hubby has a low sperm count, motility, and morphology. We've tried every kind of herb and got no results. Almost started IVF about a year ago but our chance was low and very costly so we deceived to try naturally for a few years before doing IVF. I am 37 and hubby is 36 no kids and/or pregnancies. We are currently just taking vitamins and eliminated soda from our diets.We have found a new clinic in Ukraine. I'm really hoping that it will turn the table and we will have some good news.Pray for us.
I empathize with you on your loss. It is something difficult to handle. But you don't need to lose hope. You will have your own baby. You just keep calm. Stay strong and positive. Lots of luck to you. Hope to hear more from you.
Hey there! I believe you are fine. I wanted to tell you to not listen to what people have to say about your infertility. They are always there to talk and never to help. If you are unable to produce a baby, then go for surrogacy, it is the best and advanced solution for you. There are a lot of clinics in the whole of Europe that can help you solve your problem. They offer their services at a very favorable rate that you are able to afford.Couples who have been through surrogacy are happy with it. I would suggest all the people suffering from infertility to go for surrogacy. It is all about your happiness and your life.Good luck with your decision. Hope you make a good decision.
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