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coping with infertility Lock Rss

Hi dear. Yes surrogacy is really a good option for you. Surrogacy is really a sure shot. It has much higher success rates and guaranteed positive results. Surrogacy helps those who are infertile or can't conceive. Surrogacy is really a blessing. I have seen many couples who are benefited through surrogacy. I must suggest you that you should go for surrogacy. May you and you family be blessed with good and healthy happy life. Best of luck.
hello hun. please be sane. do not listen to others opinion. in the end, it's your happiness at stake. what others think should not affect your decision. think of what you and your husband want. the pain you are going through they can never imagine. until they are in your shoes. I would suggest you opt for infertility procedures. such as surrogacy. it is a sure shot. you can go through videos about it. and take profer consultation first. i am sure you will be satisfied in going for it. may you get successful! stay strong. sending baby dust your way. take care.
I also had to face such misfortune. It is very difficult to deal with. You don't have to lose hope. You will have your own baby one day. You simply resist the urge to panic. Remain strong and be positive. A blast of luck to you. Would like to hear more from you.
A little update for y'all! I'm midway through my process. I'm really excited! I will be meeting my surrogate next week. It's been a long journey. I can't wait to get started! Thank you, everyone!
So sad to hear that you are unable to conceive. Many people have gone through this problem. It's really surprising to know that people in this era do not support these processes. They do not think on another aspect of life. They do not understand that there are many people who are unable to conceive naturally. Only those who have this problem can only understand this situation. Surrogacy is really a great blessing for infertile couples. It gives happiness to disappointed people. People should remove their negative thoughts about surrogacy. You should really go for surrogacy. There is nothing bad in it. I also have a baby through surrogacy. So you should not worry about people’s view. Do whatever you like. Best of luck for the future. May you have beautiful children.
Hey there Samantha! How are you? Hope you are in good health. I am sorry to hear about your condition. I hope everything works out. Everyone deserves to be a parent and no one should be devoid of children. If you are willing to go for surrogacy than don’t hold back, don’t hesitate and don’t be nervous. Do everything that makes you happy. Surrogacy is indeed a beautiful procedure and a blessing for people like us (Infertile people). I also went for surrogacy as my way out of infertility. Ukraine has some of the best clinics for fertility I recommend that you check them out for yourself I also went there for my surrogacy procedure from there. I wish you the best of luck. Take care.
Hey there. I hope you're fine. I am very very sorry to hear about you. Miscarriages kill the hope living inside us. It is so torturous. But don't lose hope. There are many ways to have a baby of your own. Contact with some fertility clinics in Europe. You'll find your lost hope there! xx
Hello there. Marriages are not easy. Especially when it comes to infertility. Always remember that those who are meant to be will stay in your life. Never give in to abuse. Never endure what you don't deserve. Life is not complicated. We make it complex for us by our choices. If we put ourselves first, there is no way anyone else can hurt us. Your infertility is not your fault. Whatever decision you have made is the right one if that's what your heart says. Go with your instincts. Also, I have read positive comments about surrogacy. I hope you succeed.
This decade must be really tough. Miscarriages aren't easy. Then, concluding that you won't be able to have kids on your own would have been terrible. It must be really disappointing getting discouraged from close friends. You are right. People do not understand that everything is not the same for everyone. One couple might give birth to a baby in the first year of marriage while another couple might try for a decade but fail. What matters is not giving up no matter what. Staying strong for yourself and your husband. I hope reading about you motivates other couples too. I think surrogacy is a blessing for couples who cannot have children naturally. Even if the baby grows in someone else's body, still it is part of both mother and father. I would suggest that you move forward with the procedure. You should also look at surrogacy success stories for a better idea.
I'm so sorry to hear of everything you have gone through. I remember when I had a miscarriage I have found those months mentally and emotionally draining, not sure how much more I can put myself through so I really do admire your strength and determination and wish you all the best in your journey. Stop caring what people think. You deserve to be happy. I hope it is nothing and you are just overthinking.
Your post is amazing. And you are very right. We people deserve happiness. People who frown upon surrogacy definitely do not have a heart. They can’t feel us. They don’t know what pain we go through. Our worlds collapse when we realize we cannot conceive naturally. They have never gone through this feeling. So, they can’t understand our pain. Infertility was becoming a widespread experience. People did not appreciate it. It cursed their lives both mentally and physically. For an infertile couple, it was difficult to survive with the pain of having the disability to become the parent. IVF and surrogacy revolutionized the life of the infertile. For people like us who had lost all the hope surrogacy brought back the message of happiness. Everything has its pros and cons. Surrogacy has the same but still, we cannot ignore its significance.
I feel grief after reading your post. I was in the same boat. I can completely feel your pain. I also suffered from this situation. But I and my husband decided to go for surrogacy. Then we searched a lot for a good clinic. Later we find the clinic. We first visit them. And then we opt for that. But it was an amazing experience. I must say their doctors were so professional. Now they are having their event soon. I will pray for its success. God bless them. Their efforts must be appreciated. Good luck to you too dear. Don't lose hope. And keep trying. Take care.
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