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coping with infertility Lock Rss

Samantha. You are right surrogacy is the only option for those who are infertile. However, there are stages of infertility. Some have minor and some have absolute infertility. I have a low ovarian reserve that resulted in us to go for surrogacy. If you are looking for clinics. I will recommend you Biotexcom. I am half way to the journey. Signed my legal papers. And glad the support and cooperation we have received so far. They are also arranging an open day event this month. If you are looking for consultations, then the open day event will help you a lot in knowing the procedure and whats best for you. You can email them for further information. Surrogacy@B*****(((.com
Hey there! I am really sorry to hear the issue that you are facing dear! I know it is very sad to know that this infertility is very bad. But do not worry dear. It is curable! I am really sorry that you all have to face the consequences of being infertile. I am just hoping that you soon find comfort in your issues dear! I am also an infertile woman dear! But you need to fight it dearly! Stay positive! I am hoping all the very best for you in the future. I am suggesting you to attend the event that is going to take place . It is going to be helpful to provide counselling regarding infertility.Just make sure to attend it dear.
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