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coping with infertility Lock Rss

Thank you so much, all of you. Never thought I'd find people willing to take out their time to offer support. Thank you, Huggies. Thank you to all of you. I hope all of you find the baby dust soon too. Much love. You guys are great!
Hello there! I hope you and your husband are doing fine. im so sorry to hear about your situation. This breaks my heart. I can totally understand how you must be feeling right now. I had two miscarriages after marriage. My husband and I opted for surrogacy. Now I am blessed with a baby boy. I would totally recommend IVF and surrogacy. Best of luck. Cheers!
Really dear, surrogacy is a blessing. My story is same as yours. As I got married when I was very young. We decided of having children after my university. I used to take pills to control childbirth. Everything was going smooth and working best. My husband is very kind to me and treats me like a queen. After university, we started planning for a family. We started TTC. I got pregnant but had a miscarriage in the 7th week. We consulted the doctor and he said that was all due to the effect of pills. She gave some medicine to us but nothing worked. 8 years of marriage passed away but we are still childless. Then one of our sincere friends suggested us to go for surrogacy. I searched for some clinics online and find out a prominent clinic. I don’t have any idea about this clinic. So, if anyone of you can guide me?
Hey there. How are you doing? I am really sorry to hear about your issues. I Know it must be hard for you. I know because I have experienced the same. It is something not easy to handle. However, surrogacy and IVF are best options. I have had surrogacy. It was the best choice I ever made. I wish more people consider it. Having own child is a blessing and no matter how or through which procedure you have your child. In my case, I took services from Europe from a medical center. If you want to know about Medical center Let me know about this. Good luck!!!! wink
Hey hun! I've gone through your post and sorry to learn about your issue. My dear all the decisions are of you and your husband. This all depends on you both either you go for adoption or surrogacy. What I want to recommend you sincerely is before going for adoption you must think of surrogacy. It's much reliable and authentic process to have your own baby. I know many questions will be raised among you two what's the best about surrogacy? I am suggesting you because I myself went into the process. I have twin sons through surrogacy. I didn't go through that pain which every woman experience but I tasted all the moments that I will miss if I go for adoption. Hope my reply helps you if you still any questions feel free to ask. Wish you a luck dear.
samantha756 yes marriage is considered as the name of happiness. The real joy of life. But this feeling only can feel those who have the capacity. Who manages everything with many disciplines. a married couple goes through an exam. Every couples’ exam is totally different from each other. if they comprehend the difficulties of each other then they become successful. Otherwise, destruction is the result in the form of break up. sad sad
Hello there! I hope you are doing fine. It is so nice of you to share your story here. I can understand that you are doing this for your husband. Well im a big advocate of IVF and surrogacy. Heres my story. It might give you hope. I got married in 2009. I have had two miscarriages since then. I had lost all hope to become a mother. Then I was told about this Ukraine based clinic. They later introduced us to surrogacy. My husband and I were reluctant in the beginning. Nevertheless, we took our chances. Now I am blessed with a beautiful baby boy. I pray that everyone gets blessed with children. Best of luck. Cheers!
Oh, honey, this shouldn't be your friends' decision. This is your happiness at stake and only your husband and you should decide what you want. I'm glad that you acknowledge that frowning upon these methods is so nonsense. I'll never understand how people, the closest people to us, can push us down when we're already low? You know what, here's your final push. Go for it before it's too late. Don't let the negativity take away what you deserve. I've had a great experience with surrogacy. If I hadn't gotten this baby, I don't know what I'd be doing today.
You are saying right dear. Society thinks very bad about infertile ones. People also say odd about surrogacy. But it’s due to their less experience of life. They have never gone through such consequences. That’s why they say annoying. After a long wait and such a time of despair, finally, you have chosen the right path. Surrogacy is the great blessing of science to us. Technology has made many hard things easy for us. Surrogacy has paved the path for infertile couples. You do have all rights to the desire for the children. Life has given you a chance to fulfill your wish. I assure you about your success this time. life is the name of hope. Think positive and never lose hope. Best wishes!
You have got a point girl! This world has to understand there might be some cases where normal conceiving is not possible.
Everyone has certain struggles that others have to understand.
But these judgmental minds never leave us alone. They are supposed to carry their imaginative world with them where everything is normal.
They have to look out of the window and experience what such individuals might have been through.
You and I have the same struggle.
I have opted surrogacy for parenthood. And I won't mind what world says about it.
If you also have made a decision you must go for it.
Look for the fertility clinics where your emotions have worth.
Trust me everything will be fine soon.
Wishing you a bless parenthood soon.
Hi all.My husband and I were dealing the same thing.Miscarriage is the worst thing in the world.After having this bad thing, I am trying for a year but nothing to be working and new issues arise.I have not been able to deal with the frustration myself because it is so depressing to see other pregnant women.So, I am moving to take the IVF process now.I hope this gives me help.Wish me luck.I also wishing you well wishes.
Hey! Hugs to you lady!
You are such a strong person. Never lose your hope.
This world is very cruel. It made us worthless. I often feel like good for nothing creature.
I never imagined my life without kids.
Neither do I believe in continuing with that. This is our life. No one could ever feel what pain and an insecure life we are having.
I am the one who is looking for surrogacy and I am not ashamed of this thing.
I would go for this confidently no matter what the consequences I might face with this society.
You must also go this procedure. Stay confident
Baby dust to you. XX
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