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Surrogacy journey Lock Rss

Sarah Willy Chadwick wrote:
Hi there. I'm also in the same boat as yours. So, yeah! I'm also having PCOS and undergoing an IVF attempt in July 2018. So, yeah! Anyway, how did it go? Well, obviously, anyone would suggest you have an IVF first. Surrogacy is the last option to go with. Anyway! I was also confused with it in the beginning. But, when my tests came back? My Obstetrician recommended me to have an IVF. So, here I'm heading to Kiev, in July. Wish me luck! Stay blessed dear! I hope you also get success. xx

Hey, Sarah, I am also visiting the same clinic for my procedure. Things are going really well. The clinic is very nice to us. The manager has been in contact with us since day 1. She makes sure that we are fully informed about everything. When you will visit them for the first time the driver will be waiting for you at the airport. From the airport, you will then be taken to the place of your accommodation which will depend on the package you choose. From there then you will visit the clinic.
Hey Jenelia. How are you? I hope you're doing good. I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. IVF can be complicated. You need a bit of luck for it to work. It doesn't always work. It can disappoint you at times. You experienced the heartbreak, first hand. It must be hard to take. I'd suggest you try again, you know? This really seems like your best option. Good luck on your journey. I hope it ends soon, successfully. Keep us posted if you can!
I am sorry to hear about your failed cycles. I would suggest that maybe you should visit another good clinic for another try. A good clinic and doctor will really change things for you. You just have to be strong and make the decision. This really made a huge difference for us. We were really able to fulfill our dream due to this reason. Good luck to you. Stay strong.
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