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Hey. Me and my husband have been trying to have a baby for the last 2 years. Finally, we conceived. It was a happy moment for us. We went out to celebrate. It was amazing. Like all our dreams have come true. I had been at my happiest at that time. Until 3 months later, i saw blood. I was scared. I didn't want to accept it. I just was not ready. It was as if in the blink of an eye, everything was gone. Everything that i had hoped for. Had looked forward to. Was just gone. I told my husband and he rushed us to the hospital. It was near by. I was told that i had a miscarriage. I started to blame myself. The doctors told me i was infertile. That i couldn't conceive again. It was heartbreaking. I am still trying to get over the loss. It has been 5 months now. I feel like i have lost a part of myself. I just wish i had done better.
Hey! Please don't beat yourself up. You're better than this. Trust me it wasn't your fault. I can say that because I can relate. I went through something similar. I've had a first time experience of miscarriages. It's an awful situation. There's really nothing worse. But trust me, your demons are behind you. It's time to move on. Good luck to you. I hope things work out for you. Don't worry, there are plenty other ways of conceiving. Lots of love.
Hey. I am so sorry for your loss. I would Suggest Surrogacy. It's the best and safe method. I had Cervix Incompetence disease and after that, I came to know about my infertility. I was so hopeless and depressed when I first heard about that. My husband always tried to make me happy but I wanted a baby. He discussed this all with our family doctor. He suggested him for surrogacy. So we both agreed on that and we decided to go for it. I was happy that I can have my own baby. Now it is been 2 years. My daughter is now one year old. I am a happy mother and wife as well.
Hey there Camron! It makes me sad to hear about your loss. You are struggling a lot. You are such a brave lady. I suggest you don't lose hope, Everything will be alright. Surrogacy is alternative to have children for those who cannot able to have naturally. I had faced infertility for more than 5 years. Then I opted surrogacy and blessed with a baby. My dreams of having children come true because of the blessing of surrogacy. I suggest you that you should also go for surrogacy. Good luck
Hi Camron, sorry for the loss. I think its better for you to adopt a baby or search a surrogate mother. Good luck..

Hi there! Well, I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. So, yeah! I know that it's must have been hard for you. Yeah! Going through an MC is always tough. I've also had 3 MCs in my life. As I have this PCOS, which makes it unable for me to conceive naturally. So, yeah! Now, undergoing via an IVF try at a clinic in Kiev. So, yes! Well, have you doctor told you the reason or cause of it? Are you diagnosed with something? Don't hesitate, you can share stuff here. xx Stay blessed!
Hey. I am so sorry for you. Miscarriages are hard to accept. Dont blame yourself. I have faced miscarriage 3 times. I had uterine polyps and I miscarried my unborn babies. I was so upset. I know it is never easy to lose a baby. I was left infertile. You are at least lucky enough that you have chances to conceive a baby. Well, as I was infertile and I had no other option. I decided to go for surrogacy. I never thought of this process but it became amazing for me. I went to a clinic for it. Now I have a baby. I have no more worries in my life.
Hello. I am so sad for you. Premature deliveries are difficult to overcome. Dont point the finger at yourself. It's not your fault. Some face infertility and some face miscarriages. I have faced infertility for 10 years. The reason was unknown. I was so vexed. I know it is never easy to face infertility. I was left barren. You are fortunate that you have opportunities to consider an infant. All things considered, as I was barren and I had no other alternative. I chose to go for surrogacy. I never thought of this procedure however it ended up astounding for me. I went to a clinic for it. Presently I have an infant. I have no more stresses throughout my life.
Hi, Hope you are doing better now. I am really sorry to hear to hear about you. It's really a tough time of yours. It was Like you are near the destination and you woke up. Every woman wants to enjoy motherhood. And when you are declared that you are infertile its heartbreaking. You must be brave and keep doing struggle. I am also a victim of surrogacy. It was really Depressing. I didn't want to live anymore. But my DH supports me a lot. We then found a solution surrogacy. We will go for surrogacy next month. It will be carried out in Ukraine. BioTexCom Is the clinic. I think you should give a try to surrogacy too.
All my sympathy is with you.
I am sorry to hear about your loss. This must have been extremely difficult for you. MC is one of the most heartbreaking things that can ever happen. It is even more difficult when you get pregnant after trying for a long time. However, don't worry I am sure things will get better. Don't be that hard on yourself it wasn't your fault and it never will be. I am sure your doctor would have told you the reason as to why it happened. I am thinking probably because of the embryo. I think you should try to talk to your doctor regarding IVF. It will help you and assist with ensuring that you stay pregnant. The doctors will ensure that the quality of eggs and sperm is good. By doing this embryo will be of good quality. For IVF make sure you visit a well-reputed doctor who has a high success rate. The clinic I am visiting it is after visiting them that I have realised how a good clinic can really change your life. Sending baby dust your way! Stay strong!
Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. How you miscarried was there any reason behind this? But don't worry this happens to most of the women be strong and brave.
I am also TTC from last 10 years but i can't conceive. There is no reason behind this. No one knows the reason behind my infertility. Even the doctors can't figure out the reason behind this. So we have decided to go for surrogacy now.
Hy! sad thing happened to you. bDo does not blame yourself. It is all about the fate. And we cannot change the fate. I am also an infertile lady. I tried TTC for 5 years but all in vain. When I was going to fertility tests, I was shocked. I was depressed when they declared me as an infertile. But instead of losing hope I determined to complete my family. I decided to defeat infertility. I went for the surrogacy. It was very hard to decide about the surrogacy. But I was motivated by forums like this. In the end, I got a surrogate son. It was very joyful to complete me, family. It really helps. I also recommend you to go for it. Just go and complete your family.
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