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Miscarriage Lock Rss

I'm extremely sorry for your loss, dear. I deeply empathize with you. Losing your unborn baby is the most heart-wrenching thing ever. You must be feeling devastated. Whatever we say, I know once you're going through it, no one else understands the pain. But never lose hope, okay? Hope is the key to success. God blessed you once and you conceived. You'll conceive again, soon. You're lucky that you conceived naturally. People are suffering from infertility, which is even worse. Have patience and keep trying. Don't stress or else you'll face delay. Lots of love and prayers for you!
It is really a sad situation to learn about. Waiting for the two years must not have been an easy thing. After such a long wait when you lose the happiness it is a really difficult thing to face. The situation worsened for you many times. I can easily realise that how difficult it must have been to learn that you are infertile. It is a really difficult thing for a woman to accept the news. This is not the end of the life. Life has so many great moments. It has some excellent alternatives waiting. The most significant miracles are created by the science. The science is not just confined to the laboratories. It is equally useful in the daily life. Women challenged by the infertility can comfortably look for the alternatives like surrogacy and the IVF. After the news of infertility you try to explore these options. The fertility clinics will carry out the tests to find out the right option for you. Depending on the condition of your body and the health of the eggs the clinics would suggest the right alternative.
Hi l, I hope you will be fine. I am sorry for your problems. It's painful that you were suffering from a miscarriage. I am sharing my cousin story with you. I hope in some aspect it will be informative for you. My cousin had 2 miscarriages. Doctors told her that she was weak to perform IVF. She visited the clinic in Europe. They suggested her surrogacy. She started getting treatment. Now she has 2 kids. You should opt surrogacy. It's best and less expensive there. Remember difficulty in your journey makes your destination beautiful. I wish you a very good luck.
Hey don't beat yourself up. it was the decision of your fate. Fate can never be changed. I'm also facing infertility. I TTC for more than three years but failed. I was so shocked when I came to know about my infertility. I was not prepared for such circumstances. It broke my heart and I was about to give up. However, my DH did not lose the heart. We then decided to move towards surrogacy treatment. We went to Europe for the treatment. It was very hard for me to take any decision. But members of such forums motivated me a lot.
Hey! I have just lost all my words to hear that. I know that's just so painful. MC has never been a good having thing. I just wish no one have that. You are strong. That would be painful and devastated at the same time. But you were not at fault. This is a natural thing. And this could happen to anyone. No matter how much you took care of. Of course, that was your child. You would never want to harm the baby at any cost. So just stop blaming yourself. Stay calm and positive. Things would change. You should start seeking fertility treatments once you feel fine and ready. God bless.XX
Hi there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine. We are doing good. I read your post. I can understand why you would blame yourself. TTC is a tough time. It is the hardest time of a woman's life. After so much time when you conceived, you must be happy. I mean why not. Miscarriages are hard to cope with. Its a lot of pain losing something you hold so dear. I think you should look forward. I hope all goes well for you in future. Take care.
Hi Camron! Hope you are in good health. I am sorry to hear about your infertility problem. I know it can be hard to deal with. I have also been there. There is nothing worse than miscarriages. I have also had 2 Miscarriages both through IVF. You should not give up hope no matter how hard it gets. Surrogacy is still something that you can opt for. It was the only thing that worked for me so I am hoping it will also work for you. I went to Ukraine for my surrogacy procedure and would recommend that you also go there for it. Surrogacy was the only think that made me a mother and If it worked for me it will work for you. I wish you all the best of luck.
This is sad. It is very heartbreaking. It upsets me everytime I read a miscarriage story. I am forced to remember mine. Honey, it was not your fault. You did all you could. To save the baby. The baby was not written in your destiny. I know it is very painful. I have been there. Though I have accepted it. I have made peace with it. I got my girl from surrogacy. Since I didn't wanna experience another MC. You can consider your options too.
Hello darling. How are you? I hope you are okay. Please stop blaming yourself. It is not your fault. These things just happen. Whenever they are meant to happen. Please take care of yourself.
Hello darling. How are you? I hope you are okay. Please stop blaming yourself. It is not your fault. These things just happen. Whenever they are meant to happen. Please take care of yourself.
Please don't blame yourself. It's not your fault at all. You wanted a baby so badly. How can you even think that it was your fault? Please don't take too much stress. It's not good for your health. Firstly, I think you should visit another doctor as well. One opinion is not always right. So make sure that you know your problem. If in case they declare you infertile too, then you can look into other options. Don't just lose your hopes so easily. It's not the end of the world. You can adopt a child. Or maybe you can go for surrogacy. It has a very high success rate. Good luck to you!
hello dear. it is not your fault. it was written in fate. but it is not the end of the world. keep going. sending you baby dust. hope you conceive again soon. take care loads.
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