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Shocking miscarriage Lock Rss

I am 12 weeks 6 days pregnant as of today. Then my baby was announced dead when I went for my first trimester scan today.

I started to have bleeding and blood clots since week 6 of pregnancy, so I had 4 ultrasound and 4 blood test and 2 urine tests. Every time I was told nothing went wrong, even baby grew very well.

I then stopped bleeding since week 9 and was hoping everything would go well.

Last weekend I went out with few friends and unfortunately I was sick after, on Tuesday morning I woke up with feeling something went wrong, so I went to toilet and I had bleeding again with big blood clot, I was so freaking out and called my OB straightaway when her office opened the next morning. I was put on an appointment with SKG at the same day, ultrasound showed my baby was completely fine, heart beat 158 and baby was moving around during the scan, although still no one could explain what caused bleeding and blood clots, but I thought at least baby was alive and that should be okay.

The next day bleeding continued and became heavier so i was still very concerned and insisted to have an appointment with my OB, i then got fit in an appointment with my midwife in my OB’s office, again scan went okay, we both could see baby’s heart beating, she explained the ultrasound report that I did in SKG the other day, everything was fine, fluid, baby growth, everything was fine!

I then left happily and was looking forward to my first trimester scan today which I was told we should know whether it’s a boy or girl. By the time I lied down, the lady told me there’s no heart beat for the baby! I was completely shocked, I saw that just yesterday! It’s so hard for me and my hubby to believe as we both saw the baby on Tuesday, and myself saw it yesterday.

She said baby died recently, so between yesterday and today, within 24 hours. I have absolutely no idea how would this happen, I saw my baby 24 hours ago and now I was told my baby was gone. That’s heartbreaking moment and I insisted to have a second scan elsewhere, sadly, the second scan came with same result, my baby has truly left us....

The lady told me it’s unusual that baby heart beat came from 158 to 0, in just one day, but again she said nothing much we could do now it’s a miscarriage.

Will there be any chances baby heart beat will come back or an operation is the only thing I can do now?
I had 3 miscarriages from my first marriage. There were firstly many complications while getting pregnant. But once i was pregnant i miscarried. For 3 times i miscarried. Than i gave up in getting pregnant again. I lost all my hope of having a baby. Than i came to know about surrogacy method. I heard it is a common method of having a baby. So now i will go for surrogacy.
This post makes me very sad. I'm very sorry, dear. I know the pain you're feeling right now is undefinable. A miscarriage is the worst thing a woman can ever suffer from. Don't lose hope, please. You have to be strong and patient. It is said that it takes sadness to know the value of happiness. Good times will come soon. God bless you!
Hey. I am so sorry for you. Miscarriages are hard to accept. Don't blame yourself. I have faced miscarriage 3 times. I had uterine polyps and I miscarried my unborn babies. I was so upset. I know it is never easy to lose a baby. I was left infertile. You are at least lucky enough that you have chances to conceive a baby. Well, as I was infertile and I had no other option. I decided to go for surrogacy. I never thought of this process but it became amazing for me. I went to a clinic for it. Now I have a baby. I have no more worries in my life.
Hello, dear Jessie_K.This post makes me extremely sad. I can understand your situation. I know the agony you're feeling right now is undefinable. Miscarriage is the worst thing a lady can ever experience. Try not to lose trust. If you don't mind You must stay hopeful and patient. It is said that it takes the trouble to know the estimation of joy. Great circumstances will come soon. May God bless you.
This post makes me extremely sad. I am feeling so sorry for you. This is totally unfortunate. All my sympathies are with you, my dear. Don't lose hope everything will be fine by sometimes. Just trust yourself. Try again. Sending you positive vibes.
Jessie, miscarriages are never easy. They are horrible and takes your energy and hope. I have been there thrice. Every time the pain was excruciating than before. It took a lot of time to heal emotionally as well as physically. The recurrent miscarriages do tell you that something is wrong with your fertility. Years later I was diagnosed that I have a low ovarian reserve. SO the chances of my natural conception were zero. After three cycles of IVF. And every time it ends in MC. Then I moved to Ukraine, for the consultation. Where I was recommended surrogacy. Now I am halfway to my journey. Quite contented and happy. One more thing, Europe has Adonis and Lotus clinics which are now claimed to be fake. So beware. The clinic I am going to has a great profile. Always research before signing up for a consultation meeting.
I hope the heartbeat comes back. MC is the most heartbreaking thing that can ever happen. If the doctors are saying it is a MC then please stay strong. I know this must be very difficult for you to cope with. It can be extremely painful. However, don't stop trying, I am sure things will get better. After 6 months try again and I am sure you will be able to conceive. Do ask your doctors why did this happen.
Hello Jessie. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Miscarriages are awful. I know I can relate. I had like 3 of them. It's the worst time in one's life. Please don't lose hope. Keep the faith, it'll get better.
hey dear. I'm so worried about you. I think you should doctors suggestion. tears rolled down my face. ill pray for you. I hope everything goes well. take care loads. keep me updated.
This has turned my eyes teary. I am so sorry for you. Miscarriages are never easy to deal with. It must be a hard time for you. I understand but, you need not be upset now. You can't change what happened in the past. Give your mind a break. Look forward to the future. I hope things get fine for you soon. Take care.
I am sorry to hear about your loss. This must have been extremely difficult for you. MC is one of the most heartbreaking things that can ever happen. It is even more difficult when you get pregnant after trying for a long time. However, don't worry I am sure things will get better. Don't be that hard on yourself it wasn't your fault and it never will be. I am sure your doctor would have told you the reason as to why it happened. I am thinking probably because of the embryo. I think you should try to talk to your doctor regarding IVF. It will help you and assist with ensuring that you stay pregnant.
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