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Shocking miscarriage Lock Rss

Hi there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine. We are doing good. I read your post. Miscarriages are devastating. They are so hard to cope with. I feel so bad for her. I wish no one has to go through that. I hope she is all right. She needs to get back in health. Check up thoroughly with a doctor. They would help her. I hope all goes well. Take care.
Hello dear. It is extremely sad that you lost your baby. I know its really difficult to bear. Mc is the worst thing ever happen to a woman. Don't blame yourself. You can have a baby. It isn't impossible at all. I had a miscarriage. I was devasted. There was no hope. Then I came across surrogacy. I am happy that it was fruitful. I know you must be going through a lot of pain. I wish things will get better for you soon. Good luck. Love and prayers.
I'm so so sorry for your loss!! I too had a miscarriage I was meant to be 10 weeks but baby stopped growing at 6 weeks!! it sux I know you feel like you have hit rock bottom! no words can describe the pain! especially when you see other pregnant women or those who choose not to have a baby that they have been blessed with!! what can you do? pick up the pieces and live each day as it comes!! live your life for your hubby and because so many are not blessed with a great hubby and a family!! it does get easier I have started trying again, my period took 6 weeks to come. all you can do is keep praying for strength and you will get it !!all the best keep your head up and remember you have so many who love you!! and yeah my next one I'm not telling till I pass the danger zone because I told everyone so it was horrible good luck and don't forget you can try again. It's so much difficult to bear up and move from but nothing is impossible. Believe you can and you're halfway there.
Good luck lady. stay blessed.
It's true that we live different lives. We eat different, always in a rush. Stress is our companion. All that probably causes so many problems to our body. One of the problems is this time and age it is so hard for people to live the kind of life they should be living.people do things without thinking about their consequences and it is so sad.
Hello! It is very bad to hear about your loss. I feel so sorry. Miscarriage is the worst thing ever women face in her life. You are such a brave lady. I had also miscarriage thrice in a period of five-year marriage. At the start of my marriage, I had many complications. Later I conceived but resulted in a miscarried. I was totally fed up with the things. Then surrogacy was the last option for me. I went to Ukraine for my surrogacy. Finally, a dream of having a child comes true. I had blessed with a baby girl. I wish that you would also get your child soon. Hope for the best. Everything will be fine. Stay blessed
I'm really sorry about your situation. Hope you are doing okay now. Do not blame yourself for whatever happened, it's not your fault. Please stay motivated to try again. It will all work out for you sooner or later. Make sure to restrict yourself to a healthy diet. Keep up your medications. Don't forget your regular visits to the clinic in order to find out more results. Keep us updated.
Hi!! I can understand what you are going through. MCs can are very much stressful and make the life of people a misery. Their life is not that much happening after that as it was before. You need to remain strong and firm in your belief. This is a hard time that will pass. If you want to have a child, you can always go for surrogacy. Your life has been way much harder Surrogacy can help people have their own child. My cousin went through the same situation and is not able to give birth to a child. She then went for surrogacy and is happier than ever. I hope you to find your way to a suitable decision. best of luck.
I am so sorry for your condition. It could happen to anyone. Just don't worry. Everything will be alright. Try to take good diet. Diet should be good. It's very important thing. You should take care of that. Meanwhile, keep trying. It's not going to be a problem at all. You'll get this thing again. If not, there are other methods available to you. You can get help from any one of those methods.
So sad to read your post. It makes me sad when I hear that someone is infertile. Because I am also suffering from this problem. I know its hard for a woman to be strong. But you have to be strong. Stay positive and focus on the solution of the problem. Keep trying, if nothing happens, go for an unnatural way.
Jessie darling. I am very, very sorry for your loss. It is truly heartbreaking to read. For a while, I could feel as if it was happening to me. The pain of losing my baby. I could feel that all over again. I'm very sorry to tell you that its a miscarriage now. There is nothing you can do to bring the heartbeat back. You will have to go for an operation. I hope you're holding up well. It is indeed a devastating thing to go through. But you have your shot. Take some time to recover. And then start trying again. You still got hope. Good luck my dear!
Hello there. I am so sorry for you. Don't stop trying, I am sure things will get better. After 6 months try again and I am sure you will be able to conceive. Do ask your doctors why did this happen. Good luck.
Hi there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine. We are doing good. I read your post. I feel so bad for her. Miscarriages are so hard to cope with. I wish no one has to go through that. It is such a bad time. It badly affects the mental state of a person. I think she should appreciate what she has. Her husband is there for her. Which is great because many couples just break up because of infertility. I hope all goes well for her. Take care.
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