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MC Lock Rss

MC is a hard time in a mothers life. I wish no one suffers from such a pain. Don't lose hope. Try again. Trust me this time you will be successful. I will pray for you. My best wishes are with you. Baby dust to you
Hi there. Well, that's a quite an amazing post. So, yeah! I know how it goes! You're right about this stuff. So, yeah! I've also met people who have been in a situation like it. People who have had a miscarriage. I am actually one of those people. at that time I also needed someone to tell me that everything will get better. it will just be fine. And it actually got better. I have a baby now through IVF. I hope many people will get hope from this post. Thank for the motivation.
Miscarriage is a really worst problem for women. She dreams of the children. They dream to grow him/her up. But her dream breaks down. She cant accept this bitter truth. But now this problem of infertility is also over. Now people can conceive through medical treatment. so if people cant conceive naturally, they can go for fertility treatment. You can take my example. I am also diagnosed with PCOS. Due to which I am unable to conceive. I have tried 4 years to conceive. But nothing happens. Then a friend of mine suggested me surrogacy. I am thankful to her that she suggested me this treatment. I searched for this treatment and the best clinic who are offering this treatment. I visited the clinic. They treated me so well. And now I am a happy woman. She is of ten months. So don’t lose hope. Just keep trying.
Hey there. I know how hard mc is. I have had it too. However, it's true that we should always be strong and positive. I know things will get better always. I wish everyone good luck. Take care and lots of love. And prayers too.
hi , dear hope so you are doing great . I really appreciate your post . It is very motivating and positivity . I had gone through an accident . I had a miscarriage and after that a news that shattered me . That I cannot concieve again . But my husband support and love made me strong . Nowadays infertility is not a big problem. With the advancement of science. Many solutions are available. The method of IVF guarantees success. This is the reason I chose it. In Europe, there are best clinics. Which are not so expensive and provide you with a great environment. And now I am blessed with a baby boy . My best wishes to all women out here . Dealing with such issues . Stay strong lovelies!
I agree with you on this. MCs are really hard to deal with. It's not easy for any woman. It becomes so difficult to deal with such situations. I can relate to this post. I have been through this. It was so devastating to me. I was totally broken. I wanted to end my life. But my husband helped me to get through this. I lost my baby when he was in my womb for 7 months. It was a boy. I still miss him. I miss every part of him. I still miss the moments I and my DH planned for his arrival. I had no luck in conceiving so far. It's been 5 months. I cannot forget him even now. I wish I could bring him back.
Hi there. Hope you are doing well. MC is a nightmare for any women. I can feel the pain. It is really hard to go through. I really appreciate your positivity. I hope everything will be fine soon. You can always have your own baby. I had 3 miscarriages. Then I was declared infertile. I have a surrogate child now. I feel blessed to have her. I hope you will have your happiness soon. Wish luck to everyone. baby dust.
Thank you for sharing up your story. It is really motivational. I am sure it is going to give hope to all others trying. Miscarriages are not easy at all. Going through the pain of losing a baby is hard. It is actually like losing your own self. A part of your body that you always wanted to hold. I can feel your pain. Don't give up sweetheart. Stay positive. With the passage of the time, these memories will fade away. Remeber, everything happens for a reason. My prayers are with you. Wish you luck with your life. Take good care.
MCs are really hard to deal with. I know it is not easy to deal with them. I know because I had it in February this year. It was a very terrible experience. I never thought something like this would happen to me. I thought there is no meaning in my life now. I would have recovered soon if there were chances to conceive again. But my doctor broke a big news for me. And that worsened my condition. She declared me infertile. How can someone tolerate such a horrible news! I am totally broken now. There is nothing left for me in this world. I do not know what to do.
I really appreciate this post. It is going to be a ray of hope for all those going through this. Miscarriages are worst. They break down a couple mentally and emotionally. It is hard for a woman to go through this phase of life. It is always hard losing a part of yourself. It is actually like losing your own self. One should always stay hopeful. Always keep trying. There is always a right time for everything. One should wait for it. I have had miscarriages too. So, I know the feeling. It is not easy to forget the melancholy. But, once you get to hold the baby in your arms you forget everything. Good luck to all those TTC.
Well, yeah! MC sucks! It really drains a person overall. You're right! No one should suffer this. Anyway! Wish you all ladies all the best! I hope you do have a successful journey. Stay blessed all.
Hey there. Thanks for the motivational talk. I know its always hard at first. If you stay strong thing will work out. I wish everyone good luck. Take care and prayers for you. A lot of prayers for you too.
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