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Fighting infertility Lock Rss

It is very important to think positive. A positive note can completely change your life. Being infertile is not a difficult thing anymore. It can be easily dealt with. If you work out you can choose the right treatment and the right place. Just stay away from the negative thoughts. It iwill be the first solution to your problems.
Infertility is the bad thing for a women or a girl. I am also infertile. I know its stress and pains. I was TTC from 10 years. TTC for 10 years is not a joke. I then went to doctors to have my checkup. But they can't trace the reason behind my infertility. So now i am going for surrogacy. It is very popular now adays. Soon i will also have a baby.
Such an encouraging post. It is so important to be positive. When you're going through infertility life is already not that easy. You are constantly struggling and want a way out. However, being positive makes a huge lot of difference. When I was diagnosed with low AMH and high FSH I was a lot disappointed. I wanted to talk about it with someone and called a friend. She didn't really understand what I was going through. I was really disappointed and faced so much depression. After a few years, I visited this fertility clinic which I am going to for my treatment. That is where I realized that positive surrounding is also has a good impact on you. The clinic and the people were so genuinely nice towards me. They gave me the hope that I could still have children. This is one of the reasons because which I want to visit them more often. Good luck to all those who have opted for the process.
Dear Milena sorry to hear about your condition. It is really a long time. You are fighting a really difficult time. Ten years is a really prolonged wait for a TTC. Infertility can be diagnosed. Once the reason is clear then it becomes possible to resolve the matter easily. Unfortunately the situation is different in your case. The only thing that has come up is that you are infertile. Beyond this nothing is known. Lack of knowledge about the cause is making your treatment delayed. It is a big ordeal right now. Still as I mentioned in my introductory post there are several worth visiting clinics all over the world. You can consult any one. They have proficient professionals. They are an expert at their related servvices. If you consult them you will get perfect remedy for the resolution of your problems. I hope that there is light at the end of this tunnel. Please do return with some great news.
Hi there. Hope everything is going alright. Infertility is the greatest curse for a woman. It can suck up energies and emotions. I am also infertile and i can understand its stress and pains. I am going for surrogacy now. After being nearly scammed by adonis clinic its hard to get the spirits high. But i wont let their disappointing conduct rule me any longer. All set and ready to have a baby. Good day to you
This post is full of motivation! I totally agree with you. Staying positive definitely changes the game. I know it is difficult to fight the negative thoughts but it isn't impossible. Infertility is very common nowadays and so are it's treatments. We should be thankful for modernization making our lives easier. Best wishes to all!
You are right positivity is important. I also think that it's not in our hands. so, we shouldn’t blame others to because of this. in our society mostly, women are considered to be the cause of this issue. I am very disheartened to see these issues. Why our society doesn’t consider it that it’s not the faults of ladies. I see many issues in which male are infertile. but they don’t care about it. it's very helpless feeling for a woman. For those women, surrogacies proved very beneficial. I am very happy for you that you share your feelings with us. It motivates us. This step is very helpful to create awareness in infertile couples. who has lost all of their desires? But I think they also have a right to be happy and live with a happy family.
hi, Hope so you are doing great. I really appreciate this. So happy for you. I know everyone thinks that infertility is due to women . And infertility is a big problem. But nowadays it is not a big problem. With the advancement of science. Many solutions are available. Like surrogacy and IVF. The method of surrogacy guarantees success. I am also going for it. I was very upset when doctors broke the news that I couldn’t conceive naturally. Stay positive. Hope for the best. I am so proud of you. Nothing is impossible until or unless you lose hope. Take care. Sending you lots of love.
Hey there. How are you doing? I hope you're good. Infertility is no joke. People tend to take it on a lighter note. But it's not. Losing one's womanhood. There is nothing light about it. Though, I completely agree with you on being the positive part. It's not gonna solve every problem. But progress begins from there. One needs to keep their mind off of all the negativity. And start looking for their options. There are other ways to conceive too. One way or the other, everyone has got a chance at motherhood. Prayers for all those going through this.
Hello, there dear! How are you feeling my girl?
I know that you have been through some tough times and have been feeling really low for the past few days. But I want you to know that this is not the issue that is only faced by you. There are many women who are bravely fighting against infertility. You should stay positive and keep trying for conceiving. Please, make sure that you are seeing a good doctor and are visiting a good clinic. I have a suggestion for you to visit this clinic in Europe I have started visiting. It is going to be very helpful for you dear!
Wish you all the very best!
I have seen so many people dealing with infertility. I feel so bad for those people. I had cancerous polyps. Because of that, I got my uterus removed. It was very painful for me. My world was ended. I could not even try to conceive. It was very devastating. I had lost all my hopes. I am still looking for alternatives. I cannot afford to have a treatment in the USA. I have heard the clinics in Ukraine are very affordable. My friend told me about Biotexcom. I have seen many positive reviews about this clinic. My husband thinks we should first talk to the doctors. And then we should decide on the treatment. Please pray for us.
Hey there! How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine. I agree with you that positiveness is really important. Infertility is a curse happens in a life. But due to innovation alternative like surrogacy makes life easy and we can cope with infertility. I had faced infertility for 5 years. Then I came to know about surrogacy. I opted for it and went to Ukraine. Here I had found reputable clinic name Biotexcom. Where I have been provided with great services. They arranged themselves a surrogate for me. Finally, I had completed my dream and blessed with a child. Thanks for posting here. Wish you the best of luck. God bless you.
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