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Feeling anxious after previous miscarriages Lock Rss

Hey guys, just got my BFP (YAY!) but I don't really know how to tell anyone...We had 2 traumatic miscarriages in 2016 and this month is the first time I have felt ready to be rid of contraception and just see what happens... Lo and behold we are immediately pregnant... Just asking for some advice from any of you ladies who have had miscarriages and are pregnant again and feeling terrified...It's almost like saying it out loud is going to jinx it or something. How can I stay calm when so worried? Thanks!
Hi Milena2020, I am SO sorry to hear of your struggles with infertility, not until you have had problems having a baby do you actually realize how precious life is and what a miracle conception is. I have started on progesterone vaginal suppositories to help this pregnancy stick...the side effects of which aren't bad but i am SO bloated and having lots of cramping so hoping this is normal! Good luck with your surrogacy en-devours, my thoughts are with you! Its wonderful your husband is very supportive. Thanks for the kind words smile
Hey girl. I know how hard it must have been for you. Hope you are doing okay. I know what you are going through. It is okay. Don't lose your spirit. Don't lose your hope. It happened to you cause you were strong enough to take it. You are stronger than this. Never lose hope. Never give up. your day will come. Keep in mind to look out for good fertility centers. There are many scammers out there. One in particular called lotus is quite common. It has many bad reviews from people. And everybody complains about them not responding at all. I hope to prevent you from any bad experience. Beware. Good luck.
Hello there Millena! I know that you are going through some really tough times, dear! I just want to tell you to stay patient. Please stay calm and composed. There are no many ways to make things possible. You have many alternatives to choose from. You can be a mother too dear. All you need to be careful about is the choice of the clinic that you need to make. Well, I have a good news for you. Biotexcom is holding a live vent in the UK on the 18th and 19th of August. I am sure that you will benefit from their free counseling session. Do opt for them for your further treatments as well. I hope that you will inf my comment helpful dear!
@Ashley110 Hey, Dear thanks for sharing such good news. I am an infertile woman and looking for surrogacy. because my doctor told me that I am not able to carry my own child in my uterus because it is weak to carry a child. Thanks for telling me about this clinic for sure I will contact them and get rid of my problem. can you please let me know about there fee and other expenses? waiting for your reply smile
Hi there. Hope you are doing great. Surrogacy is the best option for infertile couples. It is such a beautiful thing. I hope that couples who are infertile opt for it more. I have read a lot of positive comments regarding this clinic. I have been searching a lot about them. They have a high success rate. The doctors are also experienced and professionals. I think that is amazing. My sister got in contact with them. And she said that from the way they were handling everything over the phone. They seemed like they knew what they were doing. As now she has a beautiful baby boy. They are having a event in London. I hope anyone willing would go here.
Hey! I hope you are doing great! I know you have been going through such a tough time! I am really depressed! I was an infertile! I got married 5 years ago! Had faced 3 miscarriages! A friend of mine suggested me to go to the clinic name A****s. I emailed them as I live far away! I have emailed them may time! I couldn't get any response. It made me sad! Then one of their staff member emailed me once and then disappear! I was already upset due to my in laws. They do gossip about about me. But I never get a reply again. I had gone through a major depression.
Hello Nursejayde, I must Hope that you will be good? Hope you are healthy and fine. smile Today I am going to share the best clinic for infertile people. I'll suggest you and all the infertile people to go for this event. Event detail is given below.
Dear Friends! Bio.Tex.Com Team is going to the UK on 18-19 August. You will have a unique chance to have initial consultation in London. It would be an excellent opportunity to meet Anastasia, the Head of English department, and to get all necessary information about treatment in Bio.Tex.Com. You will also have a chance to sign a contract right there. Seats are limited, so please register for the meeting by contacting us via email [email protected]*tex* remove * from the mail.The clinic choice is the important step that you should take carefully in your life. Ukraine is famous for the best clinic and the Bio-Tex-Com is the best clinic in Ukraine. Best wishes for you. Hope you will be always good.
hey hun. how are you now? I hope you are well? it happens. my sister had the same situation. she has been infertile. she tried for so many months. ended up pregnant but then miscarried after the help of IVF at Biotexcom in Ukraine. she was healthily pregnant. she has a baby boy now. its 3 years old. we love so much. he is adorable. I wish you all the luck. take care. lots of love. I suggest everyone choose this clinic.
I am really happy to hear that you are pregnant again. I know you have been through a lot. miscarriage leads to stress. As it is the prime wish of every woman to have a child of their own. But you need to be positive. Having an optimistic approach is very important in life. It lessens our fears. I hope you will be with a child soon. There are some clinics who are not doing their job well. Lotus is one of them. Thanks for asking, this means a lot. Best of luck for the future.
Yes, it's a difficult situation for you to stay calm. You can't do much about this right now. You can find a good clinic I am facing the same kind of issues in my life. I am still trying to solve my problems. I am waiting for my time. I know one day I can make it. You have all the rights in this world to be happy. I heard a lot of good things about a clinic based in Ukraine. You can easily read about them on different forums Best of luck. Hope for the best you can do this.
Hi there. Hope you are doing fine. I am so sorry to hear that. I pray that you are doing fine now. Infertility and miscarriages can be a very difficult thing to cope with. But don't lose hope. There are clinics which can help you out, but you have to be careful. You have to stay clear from the Adonis clinic. They do not help out at all. The clinic ignored every email that i sent them. And they did not even try to help.Bad clinics just make the infertility go worse. As infertility is not something easy to fight. And when you have hope, and that too is taken away. Everything just comes crashing down. I hope people stay clear from contacting them. Thank you guys for sharing your experiences. I am sure it will help everyone out.
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