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Third miscarriage this year... Lock Rss

Hi I am New to this forum and today I just lost my third tiny one at 6 weeks 6 days... This was a worst year for me in terms of losing my pregnancies.... I have a 4 years old beautiful daughter. When we planned for our second baby this year and I got the news on our anniversary this year in February we super excited...went for scan at 6 weeks heard the heart beat but started spotting around 8 weeks and passed out the sac around 10 weeks, it was a devastating and a shocking news for us as didn't have any problems with first pregnancy and haven't even dreamed about any thing that can go wrong......
after waiting for 3 cycles I was pregnant and this time it was a chemical one... again after one cycle I got the news this November I was happy and keeping my faith and hopes high ... but unfortunately I started spotting last Saturday and today I passed out tissue and tiny sac as well... I am totally shattered...don't know how to cope up with this third blow? Trying hard to remain hopeful and positive but sadness is overpowering.. just scared to be pregnant again....
I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss. This must have been extremely difficult for you. I can understand how you must be feeling. However, my suggestion to you would be to visit your doctor and aks for the MC reports. These reports will exactly tell you the cause of the recurrent MC. Also, I would suggest you get a second opinion on the issue as well. This is important to ensure that you are doing the right thing. Make sure the doctor has a high success rate and is experienced. I am sure you will soon go through a pregnancy that will be smooth. You just need to be a little bit precautionary. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way. I hope things go well. Dont lose hope. All my prayers are with you.
I am really sorry to hear about your loss. I can understand how hard this must be for you. You are a strong person! Just dont lose hope. visit a good RE doctor and ask them to analyze the reports for you. They will give you the best advice. Good luck to you. Stay strong and positive!
Hello lovely ladies.. iam the same person who started this topic..and was lost somewhere... just came back to the forum and saw so many of you have replied to me.. thank you for such sweet gesture. I forgot all my previous login details, now logged in with new one.

Just updating my situation now. I was referred to a very nice fertility specialist by my GP this year in April. All of my scans and blood work came out to be normal no abnormality and my husband's as well. The only thing was the low AMH levels. Iam 36 years old at present.

Specialist said this may be the cause of misscarriges that happened. You only need one golden egg to make a beautiful baby. She didn't recommend me the IVF and told me to go for a natural conception in June this year.

We tried in after my cycle and guess what pregnant again 5 weeks today. Iam scared rather than happy. Today got my blood tests done. Don't know what will happen.

We just want to give our daughter one sibling and trying hard.

I have given myself this year to take chance. I will give up after this year... it is such a horrible thing to happen to anyone.
Hi dear OP! How are you? These feelings are so familiar to me. I think they are close to many girls here. These thoughts are with us 24/7. We struggle because of our infertility and some people just don't get it because they don't have it. There are so many words I wanna say to my family/friends but I can't and I won't. Some people won't understand. Some of them may be offended so it will be better if I will keep silence and sob quietly in bathroom. Though we will keep these words to ourselves but we still can share them here.
I am really sorry to hear about your MC. I can understand how hard this must be for you. Recurrent MC can be really hard! I would suggest you visit a clinic that is experienced. Also, the doctors know what they are doing. If you visit a good clinic they will be able to give you better advice. I am saying this based on my own personal experience. I am hoping the best for you.
This makes me so sad. I'm sure it must have been a really difficult decision to share your story. I hope you find the help, you're looking for. You should be getting help from a professional, right away. I think your best chance is in consulting a fertility clinic. I hope things get easier and better for you, honey. My best wishes for you.
That sounds really sad! I'm so sorry, you've had to experience this! Please don't lose, honey. I'd suggest you get your check-ups done instantly. That way, at least you'll know what the problem is. Then you can build on it. I hope you manage to get over it. Love and support for you, honey.
Oh, my god, three miscarriages? That must be so difficult. You're really brave to be sharing this. I'll pray for you. I think you should consult a professional, right away. Frequent MCs can't be good! Good luck to you, I hope things get better instantly!
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