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Third miscarriage this year... Rss

Hi I am New to this forum and today I just lost my third tiny one at 6 weeks 6 days... This was a worst year for me in terms of losing my pregnancies.... I have a 4 years old beautiful daughter. When we planned for our second baby this year and I got the news on our anniversary this year in February we super excited...went for scan at 6 weeks heard the heart beat but started spotting around 8 weeks and passed out the sac around 10 weeks, it was a devastating and a shocking news for us as didn't have any problems with first pregnancy and haven't even dreamed about any thing that can go wrong......
after waiting for 3 cycles I was pregnant and this time it was a chemical one... again after one cycle I got the news this November I was happy and keeping my faith and hopes high ... but unfortunately I started spotting last Saturday and today I passed out tissue and tiny sac as well... I am totally shattered...don't know how to cope up with this third blow? Trying hard to remain hopeful and positive but sadness is overpowering.. just scared to be pregnant again....
I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss. This must have been extremely difficult for you. I can understand how you must be feeling. However, my suggestion to you would be to visit your doctor and aks for the MC reports. These reports will exactly tell you the cause of the recurrent MC. Also, I would suggest you get a second opinion on the issue as well. This is important to ensure that you are doing the right thing. Make sure the doctor has a high success rate and is experienced. I am sure you will soon go through a pregnancy that will be smooth. You just need to be a little bit precautionary. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way. I hope things go well. Dont lose hope. All my prayers are with you.
I'm so sorry to hear this, honey. There are so many reasons why it may have happened to you. The very first one is female age. Since each woman is born with a certain number of eggs, as you age, you use those eggs up. Your likelihood of a live birth is greater the younger that you are. Some studies show that the likelihood of a live birth for a woman age 35 is around 32 percent, but only 16 percent for a woman who is 40. Secondly, this might be embryo quality. Some embryos have genetic or chromosomal abnormalities that can make them too weak to work. Still other embryos don’t have enough cells to survive and are less likely to fertilize. The next one is if you already have a reduced number of eggs, are over 37, or have elevated FSH levels, it might be harder for your body to do it. Finally implantation issues. Most of the time when implantation issues occur, it is simply because the embryo stops growing and through no fault of anyone. If there are polyps or cysts on the ovaries, this can also be a contributing factor to implantation issues. Some research even suggests that chromosomal abnormalities that can cause implantation issues in embryos can be present in as many as 50% of cases! The point here is to try to investigate why it's happening again and again to you. Find a good professional who'll guide you through. I believe he'll advise some effective options for you. Stay well and take good care Xx
I am really sorry to hear about your loss. I can understand how hard this must be for you. You are a strong person! Just dont lose hope. visit a good RE doctor and ask them to analyze the reports for you. They will give you the best advice. Good luck to you. Stay strong and positive!
Sad to hear that... I know what it is like to go through such a devastating thing. I have had 5 miscarriages. And believe me it took everything to overcome the depression. I have been seeing a therapist for more than a decade now. And I have to admit. It is not an easy thing to talk about. I had to open up before a human being I did not know anything about back then. Now it is so much more comfortable than it was years ago. And I am grateful for it. For that I am able to talk about things that put me in a devastating mental state.
I would've gone for ivf if I could. To be very honest. Yes, I am happy with what's going on in my life right now. But I feel stupid for letting this sadness to take over myself. But what has been done... You know. I do not know what caused you to miscarry. But there are a lot of possibilities. You have to see your gyno. Then you will have to book a consultation at your local fertility centre. And see for yourself. Do not be afraid of getting pregnant again. I myself pushed it without knowing what was wrong. Of course, I exaggerated when said that I'd go for ivf. There is no proof that it'd helped me. But what if you still have a chance??
I have signed with a clinic in Ukraine. It is called World Center of Baby. And I love it. But things could've turned in a very different direction if I was not that stubborn.
I faced a chemical pregnancy once. Very painfull experience..My dr at clinic explained the details. This is what happens during chemical pregnancy. About three weeks after your last menstrual period, a fertilized egg implants in the uterus. Cells that would become the placenta begin to produce levels of hCG that are high enough to detect on a blood or urine test. However, for some reason it does not complete implantation. An ultrasound will not be able to detect a gestational sac or placenta developing. (Resulting in bleeding around a week after your regular period was due). If a woman has heavy bleeding (with or without cramping) after a positive pregnancy test, she must call a doctor, as she may be experiencing a chemical pregnancy.
As for what causes it. At the time of conception, an egg and a sperm combine chromosomes to form a zygote, which begins to grow through rapid cell division. During that process, occasionally a mistake happens, producing too many chromosomes or not enough.
These chromosomal abnormalities (which occur randomly and can happen to anyone) are believed to be behind most early pregnancy losses. And they definitely don’t mean a woman won’t be able to get pregnant and stay pregnant in the future. However several risk factors (including advanced maternal age) can put a woman at a higher risk of chemical pregnancies.
All the miscarriages do leave scars..we have to heal somehow from..
I am so sorry... I know what it is like. I had 5 m/c. And I wish no one would go through that in their lives. But we have to be stronger. And there are ways to achieve what you have been dreaming of. So do not lose hope! Everything is going to be great!
Came back here for updates. How are you doing these days, luv?
Once the reality starts to sink in, surrogacy is a logical option. I would advise women who worry that health conditions may affect their pregnancy to consult with their dr about the possibility of surrogacy.By far the most difficult path to a surrogacy clinic is through infertility. Couples may ttc for years, experience multiple miscarriages, or even pay thousands of dollars for IVF treatments without success on this journey. Conditions like: PCOS. Primary ovarian insufficiency. Blocked fallopian tubes. Uterine fibroids. Advanced maternal age etc. Seemingly a hundred other things can all lead to infertility. And of course, there’s always the chance that doctors cannot figure out why a couple is infertile. Meaning you're into the case of unexplained infertility. Couples facing infertility have a lot of difficult choices to make. But the aim's the same - The woman desperately wants to experience the joy of pregnancy. If no – then have sb else to carry the baby for her. Surrogacy allows all those dreams come true. The point is to choose the highly respectable, reputable place to be treated at. Which is never easy though. Surrogacy laws vary from country to country. and they can change quickly!! If you're considering the USA for undergoing surrogacy, first and foremost, the surrogate must reside in a state where commercial surrogacy isn’t prohibited. If it is against a state’s law, the court can determine the contract void and participants may even face criminal charges!! Working with a reputable agency is the only way to mitigate these risks. Also having the contracts well explained protects both the intended parents’ and the surrogate’s rights. While a surrogate has rights, the right to keep the child is not one of them in the most of the countries where surrogacy is legal. Once legal parenthood is established, the surrogate has no legal rights to the child and she cannot claim to be the legal mother. In the same vein, the contract protects the surrogate from any kind of legal or medical responsibility for the child. A reputable clinic will always do the comprehensive screening. It includes a full mental health evaluation, clinical interview, and records review. A surrogate should be well educated on the physical and medical implications of surrogacy to make the best decision for her. Medical consent is a major provision within a surrogacy contract. It means that both the intended parents and surrogate must agree to testing for medical conditions and communicable diseases. The surrogate's goal is the same as the IP's – To help them build a family.
I hope you'll find the best route for you to beat infertility. We're here to help you through.
Hello lovely ladies.. iam the same person who started this topic..and was lost somewhere... just came back to the forum and saw so many of you have replied to me.. thank you for such sweet gesture. I forgot all my previous login details, now logged in with new one.

Just updating my situation now. I was referred to a very nice fertility specialist by my GP this year in April. All of my scans and blood work came out to be normal no abnormality and my husband's as well. The only thing was the low AMH levels. Iam 36 years old at present.

Specialist said this may be the cause of misscarriges that happened. You only need one golden egg to make a beautiful baby. She didn't recommend me the IVF and told me to go for a natural conception in June this year.

We tried in after my cycle and guess what pregnant again 5 weeks today. Iam scared rather than happy. Today got my blood tests done. Don't know what will happen.

We just want to give our daughter one sibling and trying hard.

I have given myself this year to take chance. I will give up after this year... it is such a horrible thing to happen to anyone.
Hi dear OP! How are you? These feelings are so familiar to me. I think they are close to many girls here. These thoughts are with us 24/7. We struggle because of our infertility and some people just don't get it because they don't have it. There are so many words I wanna say to my family/friends but I can't and I won't. Some people won't understand. Some of them may be offended so it will be better if I will keep silence and sob quietly in bathroom. Though we will keep these words to ourselves but we still can share them here.
I'm extremelly sorry to hear this. The cause of a mc is often not identified though. If a miscarriage happens during the 1st trimester of pregnancy, it's usually caused by problems with the foetus. About 3 in every 4 miscarriages happen during this period..This statistics is very sad indeed, our tiny beans face the hugest issues during this very period of time. If a miscarriage happens after the first trimester of pregnancy, it may be the result of things like an underlying health condition in the mother. Late miscarriages may also be caused by an infection around the baby. This usually leads to the bag of waters breaking before any pain or bleeding. Sometimes they can be caused by the neck of the womb opening too soon. First trimester miscarriages are often caused by problems with the chromosomes of the foetus. Chromosome problems - Chromosomes are blocks of DNA. They contain a detailed set of instructions that control a wide range of factors, from how the cells of the body develop to what colour eyes a baby will have. Sometimes something can go wrong at the point of conception and the foetus receives too many or not enough chromosomes. The reasons for this are often unclear, but it means the foetus won't be able to develop normally, resulting in a miscarriage. This is very unlikely to recur. It doesn't necessarily mean there's any problem with you or your partner. Placental problems and others.
Women over 40 who had multiple failed ivf cycles can get prego and carry a genetically related baby. This is possible through the mitochondria donation treatment. Those are just some general facts one isn't usually aware about. Mitochondria convert nutrients into energy. This very energy is needed to manage many processes in organism. A mitochondrion provides energy needed to ensure effective functioning of organs. There is often a decline in mitochondria function in oocytes of women 40+. That can be the reason for implantation failure. Mitochondrial disfunction can lead to multiple failed IVF cycles. This is how it's done. Healthy mitochondria are retrieved from a donor’s egg and transferred to a patient’s egg. Then the oocyte is fertilized and a healthy embryo is transferred into a patient’s uterus.
Loretttas20 wrote:
Hi dear OP! How are you? These feelings are so familiar to me. I think they are close to many girls here. These thoughts are with us 24/7. We struggle because of our infertility and some people just don't get it because they don't have it. There are so many words I wanna say to my family/friends but I can't and I won't. Some people won't understand. Some of them may be offended so it will be better if I will keep silence and sob quietly in bathroom. Though we will keep these words to ourselves but we still can share them here.

I eventually stopped taking so many supps because I didn't notice any physical changes. Also I got tired of taking so many pills and paying so much money. I was tested, had a lap done. After a year+ of trying, it turned out I had ectopic –they had to delete one of the ovaries. Later tests showed I faced POF, AMH levels too low. I'd just wanted to mention if your dh is also 40+, he should definitely be taking supps as well.We ended up with passing IVF abroad, used donor egg –successfully.
Now I am just starting to gear up to think of another IVF cycle for a possible second child in about six months. This time around, I am taking a prenatal, coq10, baby aspirin and L-carnitine (powdered form in juice) for my egg health. Coq10 especially is universally recommended for egg health and I take it in powdered form because it is cheaper and can be mixed with food. I like baby aspirin because it really does improve blood flow to your reproductive organs. I'm also doing all this because I want to try out mitochondria donation + IVF, like the last option to try out my ''poor'' eggs.
I think Maca is more for regulating your cycles rather than improving egg health, but it can't hurt either way. Royal jelly I believe is good for it's high b-vitamin content if you believe that is an issue.
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