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Hi everyone, We have had some interesting discussions in the Pregnancy and Birth forum recently...

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Is your partner or your family unsupportive of your birth plan?

Share your stories and thoughts...

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My partner have a plan that restricts visitors at the hospital to just grandparents. We have decided this because we want to maximis...


MIL unsupportive of birth plan - HELP.

Hey all. So my MIL and I generally get along well, but she refuses to support my birthing plans....

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Hi there. I've had three awesome amazing births at home including my first child and am due to have my fourth in 8 weeks! It so...


Home birth - Public Perception

Hi ladies! I'm new to the forum. For those of you who planned a home birth, did you encount...

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Thank you mum2all. That's amazing that you've had water births for all your children. I was happy with my choice and fel...


birthing pools

Hi, I just want to know where I can get a birthing pool that doesn't cost so much. Or has an...

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The sides were quite thick. I don't think I bought anything really, the midwife brought out most of it, they stock up from the ...


home birth

Hi mothers wanted to know if any of you had home births and how wasyour experience as I had a won...

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If we maintain certain basic safety precautions when we have to deliver at home then it will become are easy to use. On online we ha...

Kandied Heart

Home Waterbirths and Costs

Hi All, Very excited to be having a home birth with my wonderful mid wife (who delievered DD2...

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Hi all, Just to let you know you can hire birth pools at for your home birth or water birth! They also h...


Hynobirthing & Calmbirth experiences

Hi everyone, Im after experiences using either of these methods, did it work for you? Has anyon...

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Thanks ladies i appreciate the feedback. Im thinking after reading your replies i might look into the classes after all. Will let yo...


Water birth..

hey iv decided to have a water birth with my first baby (if everything goes to plan) because i wa...

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Don't be nervous! It's just another thing you can try - and if you don't like it, get out It was strongly recommende...

Whiti Mum of 3

Costs for a home birth?

I was reading something in another thread and someone mentioned it being too expensive to birth a...

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RBWH Birth Centre

Anyone given birth there? what was your experience like? Thanks in advance.

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Going for a natural birth, Any advice???

Hi am 5 months pregnant and this is my first. I really want as natural of a birth as possible no ...

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Water Births Tauranga

Does Tauranga Hospital do them? Id love a water birth, not labouring in the pool, but actual birt...

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Home birth & stitches

I'm pretty sure they can as long as the tears aren't too bad, but don't quote me o...

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Hi there I needed a couple of stitches... My midwife did them at home All the best



Hey We're planning on having a home waterbirth with our first bubs who is due in 2 weeks!! I do...

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