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Costs for a home birth? Lock Rss

I was reading something in another thread and someone mentioned it being too expensive to birth at home. What are the costs? Here in NZ you just have to be able to find a midwife willing to do a home birth. The only other costs for us were the plastic liners for the floor and the one for the birthing pool.
(Am thinking I will stop any complaining I had planned about our health system....!)
I'm not sure, but nothing is covered in QLD. You either have to have private health insurance or pay yourself. SO I guess it would be in the 1000s. I was asking my midwife about it the other day and she said it was very expensive.

Its all a little backward over here. They don't really even have birth centres like NZ. Women just give birth in hospital and thats the norm.
Hi, Well I am in WA and under a Govt scheme The Community Midwifery Program it costs about $110.00 (although I think it has gone up a little). I am not sure about whether other states have such a scheme or not. That is alot cheaper than any Dr or Ob I have ever been too.

If you don't want to go on the program or in other states where there is no other program you can hire an independent midwife or doula. I believe although not sure a midwife will set you back somewhere between $1500 and $2000. But the good thing is you can use the baby bonus and I know of some midwives that would allow you to pay them off and in fact know of some people paying them off for ages after the birth. I don't believe that many HB midwives would turn you away because of cost they would be able to work something out for you.
Also if you think of how many times you go to the doctor during a pregnancy (not an ob even which is more) and all the scans etc that you get - you would still be better off paying for a midwife. I know my local dr charges around $50 per 'normal' visit and towards the end you are suppose to go once a week.

The best thing about a HB midwife is you will get the same midwife and get to know her (and a backup) during your pregnancy - they come to you normally and see you up to 6 weeks after the birth as much as you need it.
They actually become part of the family. I loved my HB midwife coming she would have a little listen and a poke and we would chat for ages and ages - just friends getting comfortable with each other.

Anyway - sorry a little OT. Obviously I think a HB midwife is a really great investment!!! smile

Wear your baby out!!!

my homebirth midwife cost me $2500 both times, and that is cheap. Now you can pay $4000 or so, especially in Sydney, but the costs do vary, and I was quite happy to pay every cent, as my mw was on call 24 hours a day for me from the day I hired her, at about 16 weeks pregnant, until 6 weeks after the birth. It was just lovely.

I claimed back some on tax, as i went over the medical expenses threshold for the year, and some private health insurers do cover some (if you are lucky enough to have it!!)

homebirthing mum to three boys!

it will cost us about $4000 in tassie. i think it is totally worth it to do it my way, not the way some ob thinks i should.
we will be using the baby bonus to pay for it.

What is the baby bonus you guys are talking about?

Like i said, I'm very lucky that under our system i can birth at home, or in a birhting unit, or in hospital and unless you wanted an ob or private hosp, there's no costs. i think it makes it much easier to "choose" when there are no additional costs involved.
When your baby is born, you apply to the government, and you are paid a $4000 lump sum to do what you wish with, it was bought in a few years ago, and was to try to encourage a lift in Australias flagging birth rates.

Many homebirthers will use it to pay their midwives.

homebirthing mum to three boys!

Exactly Cyathea,Thats what I did.

Mumma to M- Growing a Nov babe

you have ot pay to give birth her ein oz??? we not long moved from nz so we always had free pregnancy, birth and after birth care.
is that only for homebirhts or do oyu have to pay for hospital births to?

the baby bonus here is the same (but better) as teh family assitance pay of $1200 some get from IRD

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James

i don't know about other states, but in tassie you have to pay for hb, private hospy, but not public.

Yep, same in QLD, pay for homebirth, if you have private health insurance you can go private, public is free.

homebirthing mum to three boys!

thankfully we don't have to pay for ambulance service in tassie (yet) otherwise you could say it costs about $5000 cos they want to charge $1000 for an ambulance call out, and you'd want to make sure you had it in reserve. it doesn't look like it will happen though.

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