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Costs for a home birth? Lock Rss

Just to add a new spin on things, I am from SA and had my DS in a public hospital, and all I paid for was $10 per day for a fancy flat screen TV with built in radio and phone calls.

I guess it depends if you choose private or public hospitals.

I have chosen public, and have never regretted it. The hospital I have been to (and going to with this baby) has a brand new womens health amd maternity facilities and has a wonderful reputation along with it.

I had complications following an emergency c-section and I was in the hospital all up for over a week. The staff were fantastic, and looked after me, my baby and my hubby SO SO well.

And we never paid a single cent.
Our baby bonus was spenton us and bubs.

Everyone's personal choice is different, and I don't believe in write or wrong. We are blessed to live in a country that gives us so many options.

Hi to all NZ mummies and daddies.
DH & I toured NZ for almost a month for our honeymoon in '04- so we have a real soft spot for NZ and kiwi's!

Mum to Hayden (21mths) and Brodie (10wks)


Homebirth cost me nothing. It was govt funded.

Hospy birth cost me years of seeing a psych and ptsd and pnd. It cost me my breastfeeding relationship with my first two kids and my dignity and my feelings of being in control.

To me, a fancy flat screen tv, would mean nothing to me as I have a tv at home, and if it mattered, it is a 142cm widescreen so prob a fair bit bigger that the telly in the hospy, and I could go straight back to my 1000 threadcount sheets on my own bed and use my own phone. I had no visiting hours (whereas hubby got thrown out of hospy less than 2 hours after I gave birth to my dd).

Why are we talking about hospy birth in a homebirth thread?

So I guess the cost of my homebirth is nothing compared to the actual cost of my two hospital births.
hi there, im just wondering has any one got any ideas to the cost of a home birth in victoria im 26 and a
mother to seven with another on the way my last baby was a ten minute labour and bith, with it all being natural so this time if i convince hubby i would love to have a hb,this would suit me better as i have left the hospital four hours after each birth as i feel i have all my other children to consider
any help would be great

thanks seonee
ten mins WOW!

How did you get to hospital last time?

I dont know how much it would cost, and im not too sure that a mw would get to you within 10 mins!

Hopefully someone will come back with more answers!
I'm just looking into it now. We are in a regional area of Qld and have a public hospital in town. The only insurance company that covers homebirth currently is Australian Unity they are charging me $2800 and something for the year but pay out the full $3000 out after 12 month waiting period (obviously we're not pregnant yet), I'm contacting my Midwife to find out about how much its going to cost me but going on the figures anywhere from $2500-$4000 seems possible.
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