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Caesarean rates heading to danger level Lock Rss

I want to make it clear I am not critiscising anyone or trying to start a debate. I found this article very interesting and thought others might as well. This is the kind of information I'm keeping in mind when planning my natural birth and trying to avoid the "cascade of intervention." reans-heading-to-danger-level/2008/01/13/ 1200159276759.html

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trying again.

yeah, I completely agree with you, but there is no way people will stop wanting their caesarians simply because just about everyone knows someone who has had a caesarian (not hard with a 30% rate) and has had no problems, so with this and statements from the people getting paid to do them, like caesarians are safer, I think there will be a battle to reduce the rate.
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It is a good article! Thanks for posting it though!

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Wear your baby out!!!

I'm not sure if this is the exact same article, but it was in the Sydney Morning Herald a few days ago.

The thing which annoys me is that it seems surgeons are implying women themselves are asking for huge amounts of c/s, when in fact true electives are a very small number, and most of them are in fact initiated by surgeons, often for questionable reasons. So if they truly want the c/s rates down, they need to be looking at the way they themselves interfere in normal labours, making those c/s's happen.

homebirthing mum to three boys!

Sorry the link didn't work ladies. I forgot to check it! Thanks Cyathea for posting the correct link.

I have 2 close friends who have given birth by c/s in the last 12 months. One had very valid medical reasons for hers, it went well and she has had a fast recovery. The other friend's c/s was performed under questionable circumstances and she is actually quite traumatised about it. I'm sorry she went through that, however I'm grateful she shared her experience with me as that has helped me become more determined to achieve a natural birth.

I agree with what you said Cyathea. If the attitudes of the surgeons change so that interventions are kept to a minimum, hopefully that will have a postive effect on the c/s rates. Some people unfortunately have blind faith in the medical profession and will simply do whatever a doctor tells them to.

i think calling them elective is a bit misleading too. it makes it sound like women request them when the vast majority don't. i think that is what you said cyathea, i'm having a moment - unfortunatly it can't be explained by pregnancy, old age or a new baby. need a new excuse!

ooppss - didnt meen to replay to this post - sorry!
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Congrats on your pregnancy, and its awesome that you are intending on a natural birth. I would suggest trying out the techniques offered in calmbirth, try googling it to get in contact with practitioners in your area. It was a very empowering experience for my husband and self and also very relaxing.

However after labouring for 27hrs after my waters broke the choice of a natural birth was taken out of my hands and I was told that it was to risky for my baby for me to continue labouring due to the risk of infection. WHen It comes down the health of your baby and the desire to birth 'naturaly' ofcourse your babies health comes first. Please dont judge people by commenting 'Some people unfortunately have blind faith in the medical profession and will simply do whatever a doctor tells them to.'
When explaing my birth I found myself making justifications for having had a caesar because of all the comments in the media and community surrounding c-sections. Lets support women and empower them not criticise and judge them. When women become new mums and are coming to terms with all the challenges that motherhood brings they are especially vunerable to everyones comments and advice/judgements, this can be very distressing.
As it turns out my baby was 9p 3 or 4.18kg and was born with a large indent in her head where she was lodged in my pelvis nothing was shifting her. I had complete trust and faith in my Obst and midwife and know that they advised me correctly. Also for what its worth when you are in labour you will NEED to have blind faith in the people who are assisting you in the safe arrival of your beautiful baby.
Good luck with your unfolding pregnancy and birth.
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