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Going for a natural birth, Any advice??? Lock Rss

Hi am 5 months pregnant and this is my first. I really want as natural of a birth as possible no drugs and little as possible intervention. I was wondering if anyone had advice on how to achieve this with the least amount of stress to my baby or myself? Thanks
Hi! I had no pain relief during my birth (although I tried gas and couln't even suck it in!) and I also didn't want to go down the drugs route. In the weeks leading up to the birth I took 5W tablets (this was in NZ, I haven't found them in Oz yet!), you get them from healthshops. They are a blend of different herbs etc that help prepare your body for childbirth, loosen ligaments etc I think. I also took pre birth spray in the week before and birth aid tablet. (they are from the naturopharm brand - also can't find them in Oz.) I also took a bottle of rescue remedy with me and put it in my water bottle. My midwife kept putting tablets under my tongue...arnica I think to assist with reducing bruising. I really did try to concentrate on my breathing and got a really good rhythm going (the reason why I couldn't take gas!- it threw my rhythm). That's just what I did - but get advice from your midwife or a naturopath if you want to try any of it. Some people don't find these things work but I think they reallly helped me. I think it gave me the phychological strength as it wasn't like I was doing it on my own, I had natural supplements backing me up!!! Hope this helps!

Actually... If anyone knows where I can find 5W tablets or naturopharm products (esp. the birth range) in NSW, please let me know!!!! Thanks!
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I went completely natural! A hot shower was great, took away heaps of pain! no one in my birth room mentioned drugs, they call it 'the labouring mind' if someone mentions it, you automatically think you must need it (sounds strange) but looking back makes sense now. I didn't go to the hospital until the pain felt bad enough to stop me talking, which was good, cause when i got in there i was 6cm!!! a home environment makes you feel safe smile
Just try and focus on your breathing...really hard but having someone do it with you helps pase you.
My main thought the whole time was- I will be holding my baby this time tomorrow smile
I had a lot of people saying oh you'll be screaming for drugs on the day, but a healthy attitude towards my birth meant that didn't happen!

Best of luck! i truely hope you get the birth you want!!!


I also went drug free ..apart from trying gas because my labour was SO long! but didn't do anything for me, so gave up =/
I think i was ready to push quite a while before i actually started and got to the point where i really wanted to take something! then it all started happening =)
It's quite difficult to last a long time without pain relief.. but you can do it!
I took something called 'Birth Mix' from 37 weeks, which is these:

Gelsemium - Softens and ripens the cervix.
Pulsatilla - Helps with optimal foetal positioning.
Cimicfuga and Caulophyllum - Tones the Uterus, encourage efficient contractions during labour. Balances hormone levels and promotes emotional balance.

I am in NZ though.. so may not be so easy to find in Aussie. Could always write down the ingredients and visit a homeopath. I'm sure they'll be able to do something for you =)

Just concentrate on breathing and getting through each contraction. Try and relax as much as possible! (I know it's pretty much impossible haha)

Best of luck!

~Also, the midwife was checking baby's heart rate constantly through the birth and she was completely fine the whole time. I did start to stress a little myself when i felt like i couldn't get her out >.< But she still stayed happy in there. Don't worry too much =) It seems pretty difficult to make baby stress.

[Edited on 05/08/2008]
Let your midwife, partner and anyone else in the birthing room know this is what you want, you'll need their encouragement and someone to speak up for you if it comes to it. Try and stay active without wearing yourself out. keep hydrated. Read as much as you can about active birthing. Remember though at the end of the day the most important thing is a healthy bub and healthy mother.
Do an active birth class / workshop (different to antenatal classes.) These are great for teaching you different techniques.

Create a safe environment for you to birth in. dim lights, only people you need around you, whatever you need.

Acceptance. you need to accept the natural processes of birth and allow them to unfold over time. Once you accept, you just go with the flow. If you try and fight it - it slows down, increases pain and can lead to intervention.

I hope that makes sense!!

I had a homebirth and the only time it actually hurt was when I thought...this is going to hurt. (while bubs was moving down) Then I thought the longer I hold on, the longer it will take. Then I just let go and went with the flow. The pain disappeared and bubs was born shortly after.

Read books on active birth, books by Sheila Kitzinger

All the best!
Hi there, I have just joined Huggies again after having my first daughter in 2005 and I used to spend lots of time on these forums but went back to work when she was 10 months and forgot all about it! So, I am glad to be back as I am now 5 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child (fingers crossed that everything goes well!).......I was determined to have a natural birth with my daughter and I did. I made my mind up when we were at the 1st antinatal class and was too concerned about the gas, needles I opted for a natural birth. My daughter was due on 19th Sept 05 and was born on 20th..I had a 24 labour from start to finish but only uncomfortable in the last 10 hours...I did a lot of 'visualision' and kept thinking of lots of nice things I like doing like walking the dog down the beach, sitting in the garden, camping holidays etc anything that would keep me focusing away from the discomfort really! The midwife suggested it the week before I was due so I had plenty of time to think about what I was going to day dream about...funnily enough I also took a picture of my dog in with me and I stared at her during labour! Don't know why but it worked.....did it drug free with only a small tear and slight bruising...I intend to do it drug free next time too as it will be the last time so want to at least try again.....the discomfort of labour disappears instantly once you give birth and hold your little angel and meet them for the first time...the only t

Good luck with everything, take care smile
I went in with an open mind. I wanted to try it myself and said if I felt I wanted anything I would ask for it.

I went through most of labour using only hot water (in the forms of bath/shower) to relieve the ache and instinctive breathing. I did use gas at one stage, transition I think, I was trying to push but DS was posterior and couldn't come - the OB had to turn him for me. Of course I don't really remember that part.

I started having contractions at 2pm on the thursday, waters broke at 7.30am on the friday and DS was born 8.03am saturday.

Remember to relax.
Best of luck.

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

^^^^ I would second that melissa smile

if you aren't keen on that I would recommend hiring your own independent midwife or doula to go to hospy with you to help support you.

Read up as much as you can on natural childbirth and how your body works and have faith that your body is designed and knows what to do in childbirth. For my last birth it just wasnt an option for us - not even a consideration yk - so take it away drugs as even being an option.

Wear your baby out!!!

I agree with OC1246.


My mum said that i must use all my will power to get my labours over with fast!!!
I accept that my body can do what it is made to do!!!
I did not have a homebirth with either of my children as i am a chicken and to scared something would go wrong. DS#1 had no heartbeat when i finally arrived at the hospital i am lucky i dialated (sp?) fast and they vacuumed him out or it would have been a c-section.
But with DS#2 Everything happen like it was meant to i was very active during 2nd stage of labour (only lasted 30mins) no drugs (not even gas) and no examinations.
I think it helped having such a wonderful midwife that also believed that my body would do what its meant to and told me she would NOT offer drugs unless i asked and even then would make sure i was sure!!

Talk to everyone that will be at your birth including medical staff!! A Doula is a great idea!!

I hope everything goes the way you want it to!!!


I had a natural birth, i tried the gas for about 10 minutes but it puffed me out and i gave up

The only advice is to go in open minded as anything can change and go with the flow. If something has to change just let it, don't stress about it it's meant to change for a reason.

Try not to have it in you head that its going to happen one way and one way only because you will get disappointed.

When i was asked if i had a birth plan and said no the midwife loved it because she sees so many girls have everything set out how that want it and it doesn't go to plan.

Good luck, giving birth is the best feeling ever.

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