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Going for a natural birth, Any advice??? Lock Rss

Hi, I too had no pain releif - and I dont regret not having it either. I thought the labour was going to be horrible - but it wasnt, it was an amazing experience. You have to go in with a positive attitude and really just concentrate on your breathing. Slowly breathe in through your nose, and out your mouth. It really does work!! Also, heaps of hot showers (I had front and back pain - so shower constantly on my back, oh and rocking side to side seem to help too). My labour was for 20 hours and I just concentrated on one contraction at a time!! As soon as bub was born, I said I could do that again!! An amazing feeling smile
Hi Jessy, I am due in November and want to go down the Natural birth route. I read a Labour of love by Gabrielle Targett. The book talks a fair amount about water births, but has some other really great information in it...such as the role of hormones in pain relief, when to cut the umbilical cord etc etc. I will have my mum and my partner at the birth and have clued them up on what I want. I am keeping an open mind, as you never know what can happen, however my preference is no drugs and no intervention. So far, have had a dream pregnancy and with yoga and exercise, I am looking forward to the day.


I will make this really easy for you...


The site even gives you great ideas on how to reduce pain naturally.
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