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Home Waterbirths and Costs Lock Rss

hey i'm expecting my first ds on june 26

my midwife is costing $2200.00 and im buying a pool for $195.00 off simply birth website

we're in qld, aus

hope this helps


My beautiful baby boy was born 24 June

hope its ok if i thread jack a bit....

in aus do you have to pay for a mid wife out of your own pocket? just curious as im currently in nz but we are hoping to move to perth sometime in the next couple of years and im not thru having babies yet lol

kandied heart good luck with your home water birth. im hoping to have one with my next birth (whenever that may be)
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Yeh it does come out of your own pocket...i don't think health insurance will cover for homebirths...

aus mummies get $5000.00 baby bonus which is paid in fortnightly installments over 6 mnths...

My beautiful baby boy was born 24 June

wow that sucks. sounds like it gets quite expensive too.

i knew about the baby bonus. wish they would do something like that in nz. it would make things abit easier in regards to buying all the things babies need lol
My birth pool hirage is $100, $40 refundable on return of it's in good working order, so $60 pretty much...
To the NZ'er coming to Perth, there is a bit of gov funded hb in Perth, run through the Community Midwives Program, you could latch onto that, but be aware they have conditions (probably much like NZ really) if you hire your own Independant Midwife, you can get a lot more individualised care, especially if you are a first timer, VBAC, twins, breech etc, any situation which may 'risk' you out of the government funded programs...

homebirthing mum to three boys!

in SA we also have a homebirth offered by the womens and childrens hosp and llyell mcewin hosp(?) I agree with going for an indepensant midwife if you can afford it though. Being under a hosp midwifery program means that you still kinda have to fit in with their policy if you are slighty out of the norm....

Some private health insurance may give you a rebate towards an independant midwife. I know mutual community ran a trial a couple of years ago (we missed out by a month or so...) and there are others around but I am not sure who they are...
Hi all,
Just to let you know you can hire birth pools at for your home birth or water birth! They also have pools for sale. I have found water to be soooo comforting during labour!
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