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  5. my fundas is way to small for how pregnant Iam.

my fundas is way to small for how pregnant Iam. Lock Rss

Hi Guys
Im 19weeks pregnant. I have had devistatingly tragic news a month ago (and even that description doesn't cover it).
My MIL is an old school midwife who doesn't practice any more but hey the basic DON'T change! She checked my height and growth the other day and she said I am measuring very small for my dates. (she listed lots of things it could be- but the stress is huge and i hadn't smoked all preg, but i couldn't cope)
Has anyone else been here and their baby has come out ok?
As I said I have been very emotionally distraught and Im still not much better. When I went to dr 2weeks ago he just said everything that can help me feel bit more together I can't have- end story!
So I am a mess from what has happened and now Im stressed bout my baby (and I can't get my mid wife to return calls or messages)
(I know this isn't the place to post but I feel a bit safer posting here- you have always been so helpful)

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I wouldn't worry too much, fundal height can depend on a lot of things, your body shape, amniotic fluid levels, how the person is measureing... none of which mean anything.
Keep trying your midwife, she may be at a birth and unable to get to a phone at the moment.
I have measured myself and came up small, but my midwife reckons i am spot on - although she doesn't measure, she just goes from palping.

I wouldn't stress too much about measuring small for dates. I was last preg and my baby was perfectly healthy just on the small side. Have you had your anatomy U/S yet? when you do that will give you reassurance everything is fine. Try and look after yourself. Good luck with everything.
Thank you so much for your help!
Baby is a week bigger then edd- yaaaa! Very relieved:-)
I was worried my stress and ect had hurt it!!!
Thank you again:-)

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With my first pregnancy I was incredibly small for dates. But i had good strong tummy muscles to act as a girdle against the uterus to hold it in, if that makes sense. I also got very sick at 18 weeks preg and over the course of the pregnancy I lost 15 kgs. Bubs was born at 36 weeks a healthy 3kgs. So even though I was sick and wasting away, bubs was perfectly healthy. I called him my little parasite for a reason!
Instead of worrying yourself sick over something you cant control, how about taking control over what you can. Dont let anything stress you out so much you start smoking. Women who smoke have lower birthweight babies, its a fact. Not to mention all the other things that puts newborn babies at risk for.
Your anatomy scan should be soon, and that will pick up any growth or development problems.
And dont let your MIL anywhere near you again. You dont need the second guessing and stress.
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