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Is it true... Lock Rss

...that in Australia after July 2010 it will be illegal to have a home birth with only a midwife (or even just a doula, I suppose) present?

Something I read today (comment 5, scroll down a bit to find it) suggested that after that date, it will be required for health practitioners attending a birth (any birth) to have professional indemnity insurance and this won't be available to midwives.

That would...well, that would suck.

Well, it could be 'technically' illegal, but it's not going to stop homebirthers having their babies at home, I can assure you. Where there is a will there is a way, and some 'laws' are just plain stupid and discrimanatory...

No hb mw's now have insurance, so it's not too much of a change, but if they have to have insurance to be registered, well, there will be a load of unregistered hb mw's out there.

They are backing us into a corner, the vendetta against homebirth continues, same old, same old. We won't go down without a big fight.

ETA - I was thinking more about this, and no, homebirth won't be illegal, women are entitled to have babies wherever they damn well please, with whoever they please, it just means that independant homebirth mw's will have no registration. I don't know if it will come to it though, there are a lot of people who are working hard on this issue, perhaps some kind of resolution or compromise will be had before this silliness comes in next year...
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homebirthing mum to three boys!

Hahaha That's sp stupid, it makes me angry but then again I don't really care because I will do it anyway [that is if my next pregnancy is all good] =)

It is such a backwards step...I feel like we have gone back to the dark ages and I feel like we are being rounded up.

I don't want the option of freebirth or hospital. I want AND CHOOSE the option in between. It shouldn't be a choice of one extreme or the other.

The worst thing is, most people won't give a rats that this is even occurring. It won't be seen as taking away womens rights it will be seen as being in the best interest of women..... sound familiar?

The whole notion is truly disgusting and a very very large step backwards as a society. Thats homebirth sorted... I wonder how they will tackle freebirth......
I know...

After a pretty awful hospital birth experience with DD, and a few paradigm shifts in my general thinking and philosophy about many things, I really want to try for a home VBAC next time around. However, that's not likely to be before July next year due to a bunch of different factors. Don't particularly want to move overseas between now and then either!

They obviously have a good reason for doing it.. I dont think many midwives would be doing it without insurance that's for sure. If something goes wrong, they will be in trouble thats for sure. And signing a waiver sometimes isnt even worth the paper it's written on.. Dangerous territory if you ask me...
Independant midvices currently practice without indemnity insurance.
They have had to for many years. Part of making choices in life and specifically birth choices, you have to take responsibility for the choices you make. having someone to sue if something goes wrong shouldn't be a major factor in a choice. The way the hosp system works, people are unable to sue for things they should be able to as it is made to look like they were doing their job. Drs intervene so quickly (and a large percentage of the time unnecessarily) as the majority of people feel that as long as their carer is doing something - they are in control of the situation. This is totally wrong, as soon as you do anything to interfere with the natural process - the chance of something going wrong is much higher. Yet a dr can't be sued for intervening unnecessarily. They really can only be sued for something totally absurd like leaving instruments in a patient or sending you home with a puppy instead of a baby...

The whole point of this outcome is to protect the drs. The basis is if you have a homebirth and transfer then you are likely to sue the hospital if something goes wrong. The reasoning is any problem would have been nipped in the bud in a hospital...... obviously intervening and causing problems doesn't count because it looks as though the drs "did everything they could."

The whole thing is designed to protect drs and has no interest at all in protecting women and babies. It is once again, all about the money.

What they are doing is forcing women to either birth in hospital or freebirth. Taking away informed choice in the name of "in our best interests."

Mum made a really good point the other day.... she said

"we fought for all of these things and now they are just taking them all away bit by bit"

this isn't something that just effects people that homebirth - what happens when the next step is no choice with vbac and then later commmon problems are deemed as unsafe and you are told c/s is the only option. It starts somewhere, but once the ball starts rolling....
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This story is in the news today...

How ridiculous! Hopefully that will never actually be implemented and women will be free to birth wherever and with whomever they wish.
The part about everybody having to be registered is already legislated. The only way out is if either the gov or an insurance company can offer independent midwives indemnity insurance.
As of July 1st 2010 independent midwives will not be able to practice midwifery without insurance, and currently there is no insurance company that will insure them. Lets hope that the government supports midwives in the same way they did OBs a few years ago when they had an insurance 'crisis'. The government stepped in and actually subsidised OBs insurance premiums. Makes me wonder who is in who's pockets? This is just a very sneaky way of controlling homebirth in this country and for certain medical bodies to monopolize birth and restrict womens' choices and freedoms.
It is illegal in this country to practice midwifery without registration, so they can be criminally charged if they provided midwifery care without registration. This is not about whether a particular person agrees with homebirth, this is about the right of every women to birth how she chooses, this is important not only for our generation but for future generations - my daughters and grandaughters.
Im shocked at how uninformed women are in terms of complications ()in or out of hosp)! cord round neck does not [automatically] = dead baby!
Why are men wading into this debate? How many men have had babies? -Prehaps men (mostly pollies) should step back and VIEW a 'DANGEROUS hB!"
Why is a CHOICE so offensive to people? HB isn't for everyone, but midwives are! This punishment of them is soo sad! I am disgusted with this government for its lack of education on this topic!
Ive heard it said that many ob/gyn's (& obst nurses) have NO IDEA what a REAL intervention FREE birth is like- prehaps they should also attend.
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