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homebirth...neighbours??? Lock Rss


We're planning on having a home waterbirth with our first bubs who is due in 2 weeks!!

I don't know if this is a silly question or not, but should I inform the neighbours?

They all know that I'm heavily pregnant, but I haven't advised them that I will be having a homebirth( we're not exactly close with our neighbours... we have no problems with them at all, but we just don't really talk to them unless necessary)

Seeing as it's my first bubs, i'm not sure if i'm going to be a screamer or a silent labourer ha ha...

i live in suburbia, and i dont want the police coming knocking at my door thinking that im in some sort of trouble..

any opinions are welcomed



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Hi Elyse,

I wouldn't worry about telling them unless you really want them to know.
Until it starts I don't think any of us know how we will be. I didn't.
Hey if they do hear you and call the police that will just add to your story to tell people.

Either way though good luck, hope it all goes well

I wouldn't bother.... even if you make noise in labour, if its loud enough for your not so close neighbours to hear you are going to waste an awful lot of energy and have a very sore throat....
If you want an idea of how loud you would have to be, put on the radio and turn it up until you can hear it at your neighbours place. Then go back to your house and listen to how loud you would have to be!
We didn't and we were the back house with one in front so very close together, only separated by a measly fence. LOL

To be perfectly honest, at the time I think the President of the United States could have knocked on the door and I wouldn't have cared. hehehehehehehehehehe

I made noise, but not loudly (well it didn't seem like it at the time anyway).

hahaha, with me my sounds sounded more like strange sex noises lol, so they would probably be a bit confussed as to what's going on-I doubt that they would call the police tho as it would have to be terrible screams which in that case i think you wouldn't be coping but your midwife will be able to calm you down and the screaming wouldn't last too long-well the really bad ones anyway.

we have told our neighbours on one side as they are like surrogate parents to us! the wife said to call her if i need anything anytime of the day, which is nice smile. i felt like we had to tell them for the same reason as mentioned above, because in case i scream the house down! i didnt want them calling the police! but we havent told anyone else.

i have heard of people putting a sign on their front door saying "home-birth in progress, do not disturb" that way if anyone is concerned they will probably quickly walk away!!

That's very considerate of you to think of telling them. I made a lot of noise during my first labour and I remember not caring who heard or what noises I made, I just went into my own world. I think if they know you are heavily pregnant then they would put two and two together if they hear you.

Good luck, not long to go now!

Hahaha! Thats the first thing my partner said..... how are you going to give birth in town won't all the neighbours hear you?
I'll gladly report back- thanks!
tbh if they know you are pregnant and about to pop they will most likely figure it out if they hear screams wink I don't think you need to warn them.

But I also really like the idea of a sign on the door. Will stop any well meaning visitors or random door knockers disturbing you in your finest hour lol.

ETA.... never mind. thread is 4 years old roll eyes
Haha, all the best for a silent home water birth. That was my plan too. Didn't quite go according to plan : ) I never bothered to tell my neighbours. I guessed they would have known what was going on, as they all knew I was pregnant. Whatever your experience, it will all be worth it in the end - there's nothing more beautiful than meeting and holding your beautiful baby for the first time!! Also enjoy the last few days / weeks of your pregnancy, as it's also a precious moment that you'll never get back (with your first). Congratulations and all the very best!
I wonder what happened with the OP seeing as it was 4 years ago- the kid would be almost at school by now

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