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Home birth - Lotus birth Rss


I was just wondering if anyone out there has had a Lotus birth and what their experiences with it where like? Has anyone had one at a hospital as where I live I am unsure I will be able to find a midwife to perform this at home? Or following a ceser?
I had my twins in hospital via ceser and it was all round a horrific terrifying experience so I want to look into options this time round.

Hi there!

I haven't had a lotus birth, but I know many people who have. It basically involves leaving the cord attached to the placenta. I know people who have had them following a c/s, folowing vaginal hospital births and many homebirths.

I am unsure of what you mean about not being able to get a midwife to perform it at home. They would still check over the placenta as usual - they just wouldn't cut the cord. The rest would be up to you. In a hospital you could tell them you are having a lotus birth and they ARE NOT to cut the cord. (unless there is a sudden medical emergency where the baby has to be whisked off before the placenta is delivered.)
Here is an article that may be of interest.
Sorry by that I mean I live in country SA where they have pretty traditional views about how a baby should and shouldnt be born and I am pretty sure that a hospital or GP here will flatly refuse to do it for me. I am hoping I might get lucky enough to find a midwife that might be willing to travel to me as I am about 3 hours from Adelaide.
Thanks for the website though.

I am in SA as well. Just remember it is your birth. You can choose to have a lotus birth. The hospital or gps don't have to do anything for it anyway. Its more you maintaining the placenta until they naturally separate. The only way it would be an issue for them is if it gets in the way of a medical emergency procedure. Remember that they are being paid by you to provide health care. If you choose to not cut the cord and have a lotus birth - they should be respecting that. I wouldn't think they can refuse you...

I will pm you some other details.

All the best!
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