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I loved giving birth Lock Rss

just wanted to ask how many of you actually enjoyed giving birth??
I have two sons, aged 23 and 3 months. I gave birth to both of them at a birth center (kinda like a prvate hospital) and both were water births.

With my first labour i had a real "women have been doing this for hundreds of years, if they can do it so can i attitude" and while it was scary in the "unknown" kinda way it was in no way anything that i thought i couldnt handle and never made me say or think in anyway "im never doing that again" and instead gave me a real empowering feeling.

With my second i read/scimmed through a book from my midwife called child birth with out fear. and while reading it, it made alota sense. Basically it says that were raised to fear childbirth as somthing painful. and that fear produces adreniline when in labour which works against the natrual hormones produced in labour. having read that when i went into labour, wwell when i relised i was in labour was fine, playing with my older son until hubby and mother could get here. decided to go into birth center when the pressure on my bumb was getting intense, but in no way in to much pain. and i can honestly say that i really enjoyed giving birth to my second son, i know it may sound weird but i could feel him moving through my body and just went with what my body wanted. im not saying that it didnt hurt at all, but i really cant wait to give birth again.

would love to hear stories, if there are any other women out there who actually really loved/enjoyed giving birth.
i kind of liked how it was unknown territory, my mind was like i'm going to have him around 9pm i was placing bets with dp and i had him at 8.50pm so i was happy about that. dont know about how i would feel with the second.
it like a big achievement in your life
I absolutely love giving birth!!! I had 3 drug free births and am so excited to be doing it again. I really believe that drug free is the way to go as I just trusted my body and 'knew' what to do. My 1st was probably the worst but mainly because he was prem and I wasnt mentally prepared for it all... But I still enjoyed every minute of it. I love the mental state that I go into during birth and all the natural adrenalin pumping through my body.... I dont think my births were that painful at all.... I just kinda went with it and relaxed and let my body take over... I'm sounding like a crazy lady Loved my births and loved the outcomes.. 4 months and i get to do it again...

this chick next door was screaming her head of as you do, anyway i caught up with her in the scn and she told me how everything was going great untill she heard another lady screamin and she told herself na aa i aint goin through that so she said that her contractions stopped and the doctors did not know what to do. but when i heard her screamin dp asked me lol if i would like the radio on.
but i told him , why im going to join her soon lol
Well I havent given birth yet, currently pregnant with my first but like you I have a very positive outlook on it. I constantly remind myself that a) woman were designed to do this and have been for years and years - without pain relief, without even medical intervention
cool woman are doing it every single day and do it again after experiencing it once!
c) I will finally get to meet my baby at the end of it
and that it is most likely going to be painful for not longer than a day - one day of my life

A lot of people roll their eyes at my positive attitude towards it and give me that knowing look of 'youll see' but to be honest I dont care and I think I would rather go in with this attitude than huge anxiety. Ignorance is bliss perhaps in my case!

: )

I had really low platelete levels with my first and was told that and epidural was out of the question for me. all my friends had them and i was freaked that i wouldnt be able to have pain relief. It wasnt until i started researching painrelief free births that i heard about hypnobirthing which is alot like your talking about it.
I loved birthing both my kids this way (not so fussd on the pregnancies though!) and cant wait to try it out with twins.
i wish that more first time mums (and subsequent mums for that matter) had such a positive attitude as you do!

A lot of people roll their eyes at my positive attitude towards it and give me that knowing look of 'youll see' but to be honest I dont care and I think I would rather go in with this attitude than huge anxiety. Ignorance is bliss perhaps in my case!

: )

People used to say that to me and now I can usually say 'whatever I've had more kids than you' but now they tell me that I have just gotten 'lucky' it just annoys me how so many people choose to be negative about birth and sit pretty firmly in that position. I am a massive optimist and see the positive in everything... I think its just the sort of person I am and it rubs off onto my labours.

I really enjoyed giving birth to my daughter. I was on such a high and so proud of what i'd done, the look in dhs eyes was amazing. I can't wait to experience it again in a few weeks.

I don't get the negative attitude surrounding birth. It is something that we only get to experience a few times in our lives, if we're lucky, why wouldn't you want to make the most of it. My daughter loves hearing about the night she was born and she will be there when her sister is born too.

I loved it too! I had 2 home water births - second one escalated very quick so hadn't called the midwife. Ended up birthing in knee high water! I have found that most women present themselves as the victim when it comes to birth. If you have that mindset - you are hardly going to fluke a positive birth. Attitude is everything. It takes a lot of hard work, mental preparation and education but it makes such a huge difference rather then a woe is me drama.
birth can be an amazing experience not just for the outcome, but to get to know yourself.
wow, its so great to hear all your positive stories!! an to know that im not the only one out there that really enjoyed my babies births!!! Congrats, and a big thumbs up to all you other positive ladies that dont let birthing get the best of you im proud of you all!!
Havent read any replies but im with you as well grin

I had a planned water birth at home with DS2 and loved labour and giving birth. Being able to trust my body and know that it knows what its doing was a fantastic feeling. I loved each contraction (maybe not loved lol) but I loved when I got that intense pressure I knew we were one step closer to meeting our baby. I loved the feeling of being in control and knowing what was going to happen next.

I got to know my body really well and I also changed in a way. I have found that because I have a positive birth story to tell people look at me strange, does anyone else get this? I think when people ask how was your birth they expect some scary story about yelling and swearing and pain etc but it really can be an amazing experience. I think its great to read more positive birth stories.

Dont get me wrong it did hurt.

Hi ladies!
I am SO glad I read this thread!!!!!!

I am going for the natural hypnobirthing option as I believe that we are designed for babies and hearing your stories really helps to reinforce that a positive attitude goes such a long way smile

I am so sure that my birth story will be a positive one and I really hope to be able to repost in 4 months my happy story.

Thanks for the great stories!
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