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Positive drug free birth stories..please! Lock Rss

I thought I'd resurrect this thread by posting my drug-free story, in case anyone's looking for more positive stories smile

We took excellent antenatal classes when I was pregnant with DD1 and were able to go into labour with a very positive mindset and intending to attempt waterbirth at a birth center, using entonox if I felt I needed it. At 39 weeks, DH took the day off work (I think he had a cold) so we spent the day pottering about, running a few errands but generally taking it easy (thank goodness!) I had Braxton Hicks all day but I was used to that so didn't think much of it. In the evening, we were watching Stargate episodes and out of curiosity I checked the clock with each Braxton Hicks. Every 8 minutes apart. How curious. My lower back was aching a little with them, too. But I thought little of it. By 10pm, though, the contractions were closer and more uncomfortable so we timed them online. Every 2-3 minutes for a minute. Hmm. We called the midwife who said to call her back when I wasn't coping at home anymore. DH called her back ten minutes later to say we were heading in to the birth centre tongue It was 11pm by now so a midwife had to come and open the door for us. Seeing me smiling (between contractions) she jokingly asked if I was sure I was in labour! Not exactly what a first-timer wants to hear but I was pretty sure wink My midwife arrived shortly after and I shocked her by being 7cm. She quickly ran the birthing bath and it was *such* a relief to get in. With things happening so quickly, the entonox sitting out in the adjoining room was forgotten. I got through transition in the tub (both times I've felt that I didn't cope very well with transition, clinging to the side of the tub whimpering during contractions, that it would be clear to the onlookers - esp. hubby - that I just wanted to curl up in a ball and go to sleep but I've only ever heard that I appear very collected and coping well *shrug*). What felt like a few minutes through the involuntary pushing, the midwife wanted me out on the bed to check after there was a small bleed into the water. Semi-reclining on the bed was not very comfortable but everything was fine and I surprised the midwife again by being nearly at the point of crowning! So I had a land birth in the end, can't remember a ring of fire though. It was all quite surreal and I felt really good. After getting a few stitches and giving DD a feed, I took a shower and walked down to my postnatal room smile
I had 3 drug free labours.

First was 12 hours all up and I had planned to go in drug free, not knowing what Iwas in for. When I was contracting I just expected it to get worse because of all the stories I had heard so that helped to not get relief plus I think I have a high pain threshold. My advice would be to stay at home as long as you can. I found for me it was better to rest at home till contractions got closer.
I had stitches for my first but didnt rip any muscles. It was a good week to two for weeing to be comfortable again. Afterpains when feeding lasted about 5 days. When my milk came in with my first that was quite painful, frozen cabbage leaves are great for that.

I think with labour it is about your frame of mind if you go into it wanting to be drug free I think you are able to do it unless ofcourse the unforeseen happens.

GOod luck hope you get a great birth experience
Great posts! Have you had the baby yet? How was it?!
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