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RBWH Birth Centre Lock Rss

I went through the Birth Centre and thoroughly enjoyed the experience (DD is nearly 3 years old)

Unfortunately when I went into labour the centre was closed and I had to birth in a Birth Suite.

I'm going to apply to go through there again this time though.

Birthing at the birth centre was definitely the most amazing experience of my life. The midwives are professional, knowledgeable and respectful of parent centred birth plans as long as there is no harm for the baby. I delivered my baby in 4 hours in the spa with only some water injections for pain management. I would suggest if English is a second language you always byo translator so that you fully understand what's being communicated....mind you my hormones made me so forgetful I needed my doola to attend check ups.
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Ladies birthing at RBWH Would you like a student midwife to support and follow you throughout your pregnancy journey? My name is MEG and I am a third year midwifery/nursing student looking for BRISBANE mums-to-be birthing at rbwh in late December,January or February ( can do other months too) who would like a student me on
[email protected]
Thanks so much.
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