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calm water birth where to start??? Lock Rss

with my ds1 i was induced and never went in with a mind set of doing it drugfree. i begged for an epi 3 hours in but it was too late and in hindsight realised i was in transition. i had him drugfree and felt amazing afterwards.

this time i want to do it all drugfree but with the intention of doing it drugfree. i want a calm water birth and have even been looking at the posibility of hypnobirth. now i know its super early but that just me and i like to learn and read all i can. im wanting to know where to start though. atm i think i would like to just read as i have seen the classes are pretty expensive... how did u prepare for your water birth/ hypno birth.

thanks for any replies
Just wanted to bump this topic as I am really interesting in finding out about this too smile
Community Midwifery Program!!
hi there,

i gave birth to my DS 7 weeks ago and i had a hypno-water birth.
It was amazing!!!!

I went through a private hospital and found an OB who was supportive of water birth and chose the hospital primarily based on the fact i wanted a water birth.

I then found a hypnobirthing instructor in my local area and did a 4 hour hour short course with her and then a 2 hour refresher a couple of weeks before i was due.

I read the book "Hypnobirthing - the mongan method" and listened to my affirmations and relaxation tracks on my iPod every single night as i fell asleep.

I had the most BEAUTIFUL birth. i did it completely drug free (including birthing the placenta without aid) and i can honestly say i really enjoyed my labour and birth and i would not consider it a "painful" experience.

My first labour and birth was horribly painful and full of intervention and interference and i HATED it. so to have such a magical second time round was just awesome.

If there is anything that you want to know or would like to chat more, im not really on here very often but feel free to email me at
i'd be happy to give any advice. Cant recommend hypnobirth or water birth highly enough!!!
my only regret is that i didnt get it on film!!
thanks for the replies, would love to hear from more of you lovely ladies especially if you know conctacts of classes in melbourne. thanks
I had a water birth with my second baby completely drug free as well!
It was an amazing birth and I higly recommend it smile
Am planning to do it all over again with this one too smile
A lot of hospitals will offer a 'birth centre' program. this is a program run by midwifes.

you are allocated to 1 or 2 midwives. With my first DD i was given 2 midwives, with this bubba i have the one midwife the whole way through.

The midwife program is all about natural birthing and promoting listening to your body.

I had a waterbirth with my first, and did it drug free. it was a calm and relaxing experience and my midwife really acted like a birth coach the whole way through!

with this bubba, i am also planning another water birth with my wonderful midwife! I self referred myself to the birth centre program at 6 weeks and go in again smile

I was in QLD with my 1st and in NSW now with my 2nd smile

good luck xx

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