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Water birth and tearing. Lock Rss

Umm...that doesn't sound right. laugh

I have had one 'dry' birth (DS1) and one water birth (DS2). I had a first degree tear with both.

I wasn't in the pool all that long though with A, I was only in there for literally 14 minutes before he was born so that might have had something to do with it. blink I did labour in water with DS1, but got out on midwife recommendation, though probably could have stayed in looking back on it later.

I have never read that anywhere before...... blink
Everything I have read says water REDUCES the risk of tearing. Personally, I also think listening to your own body and breathing babies out rather then litening to a midwife telling you to push would reduce the risk as well. But then I didn't really push mine out, they just shot out instead.;jsessionid=AECC744F01DBF6A494721C484A1B3D12.mc1?sitePageId=38425

That's interesting. So women start to push when the baby isn't ready to be born yet? I didn't know that, it has never happened to me! I asked my midwife to guide me with pushing and stopping with my 3rd baby as he was big, but pushed without guidance and had no tearing with my other 2 children. I just felt when to push and when to stop.

I had the urge to push at only 7 cm dilated. MW had to tell me to not, had to wait another 2 hours.
Would suggest tearing has more to do with other things than waterbirthing or not.

DS1 - waterbirth - minor 'grazing', I believe due to excellent guidance from Midwife re: slow controlled pushing, and really being in the zone myself... had lots of positive thoughts about opening up my body and relaxing through the delivery.

DS2 - out of water - very small lateral tear/graze - no stitching and hardly noticed it, but I felt that the midwife was a little impatient towards the end, and I was not as zen like as with DS1.

Both excellent birthing experiences - in a midwife driven birthing suite, drug free etc - and I would try for a water delivery again if we go for a third child... I just couldn't quite get comfy in the water the second time and needed to pace, but it was great relief for the most part of labour!
I don't believe women need to be guided through labour and certainly not guided through the pushing stage. I fully believe that women who are birthing unhindered know what to do and will do so instinctively. So I would challenge any suggestion above that women tear when their care provider is not telling them when and how to push or breathe.

I think a lot of factors are involved in tearing but I don't think whether they occur in water or on "land" is a significant factor.

Anecdotally women tend to agree that water births reduce tearing and I suppose that is because water seems so soothing and we imagine it to make the skin more pliable.

I personally tore both times, but my second birth (water) I tore much less severely. I imagine this would have a lot to do with the fact that it was my second birth though.
My first birth was a dry birth, and I had second degree tearing. It was only 40mins of second stage, and just several pushes from crowing, and he came out with my waters, so it was quite quick.
My second birth was a water birth. Same amount of time second stage and pushing as my first, but no tearing.
I loved my drug free water birth and can't wait to do it again smile
ive always been told the opposite! that water helps prevent or lessen tears as it softens the pernium. i was in the pool for my DD2 and just 15 mins in the water helped me i had no tears this time round compared to 3 stitches with my DD1 and didint use the pool. DD2 was bigger aswell! was drug free 2nd time and was leaning over the bed compared to induced and on back feet in stirrups. i would do water again for sure . and also for me feeling when to push and what not 2nd time round drug free helped

That's interesting. So women start to push when the baby isn't ready to be born yet? I didn't know that, it has never happened to me!

a good friend of mine had the urge to push and she was only 3 cm dilated!!! needless to say, she had a pretty horrific labour.

my body started trying to push during my labour when i wasnt fully dilated too. luckily i was already at 9cm so it didnt take to much longer before i the midwife let me push
My first birth, in Australia, was a "dry birth" too and I had a 4th degree tear--totally uncontrolled, bubs came out in 1 push!

My second baby was born in NZ and my midwife encouraged a water birth and techniques for being in control and not tearing...I only had a 2nd degree tear--which was a big bonus for me!

The minute i stepped into the bath, I felt so relaxed. Baby came 20 minutes later (after getting in the bath). Personally, I enjoyed the experience, I think it helped me to get into a great place to push, and I'd like to do it again with my third!
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