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The story of my third birth :) Lock Rss

This pregnancy was the hardest. At 23wks discovered a kidney stone which couldnt be removed till bub was born! This caused the pregnancy to really suck as i was in constant pain. I kept looking forward to the birth esp the stone removal, I wanted him out as soon as I was 37wks! I was due boxing day 2011, this date had come & gone. I was hoping for a Jan bub as i wanted to avoid the business of December but didnt think my 3rd would be overdue! New years had passed & I was getting very annoyed, I was in lots of pain from my kidney the pregnancy made it more difficult. From the early hours of Jan 4 I was getting bh nearly every 30mins & had my show. The rest of the day more bh, irregular & not very painful. Some were every 30, 20, 15min etc. By 9pm they'd turned into pains that were...well painful! These were every 5-6mins. We called mum to mind the girls at 10pm. We called my mw at about 10.30pm & she was making her way to the birth centre. We left at 11pm pains were every 2-3mins. Got to birth centre at 11.20pm & 6cm on arrival. I got in the shower, hubby used both shower heads on the hottest & directed them on my tummy/back. At 11.45pm pains were every minute & I had the pushing urge, getting through a few more pains. My mw suggested the bath/bed etc but I was not moving lol. Then at 12.10am with one push out came his head & another his body. My mw guided him out & passed him to hubby then he passes him to me smile I only had a minor tear no stitches & we were home later that day. The afterpains were shocking esp being my third but I'm ever so happy it went perfectly as everything I'd gone through in the pregnancy really got me down. I finally had a positive after a terrible experience!

Congratulations so glad to hear after everything that your labour and birthing went well!

Enjoy your new bubba smile
congrats smile its good to hear when ppl have good labours hope u got ur stones removed too smile
Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful birth, well done smile
Congratulations on the birth of your little boy. I hope your feeling alot better now. smile
Congratulations, glad it was such a positive experience for you.
Hope all is going well with your new bub.

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Congratulations smile
Congrats on the new addition AND the great birth!
Does bubs have a name yet???

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What a lovely birth story!! and Happy birthday to the new addition!!

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