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how did u prepare for a drug free birth Lock Rss

im due in 11 weeks and i plan on having a drug free water birth in hospital.

the hospital im attending is low risk and run more like a birthing centre. they are pro natural and have a few beautiful birthing baths.
i am really wanting to go in with a good mind set and be able to stay in control and not feel like i want the drugs.

with my ds1 i was induced and my labour was extremely full on and intense, my contractions were back to back for 5 hours and i asked for an epidural as i thought i couldnt take it any more. i went from 4cms to 10cms in an hour and before i got the epidural i was pushing... so in then end i actually managed to do it all drug free. im hoping that this time i wont be induced and therefor my labour will be more maneagable.

going in though i can have all the best laid plans and i no when im experiencing the pain my mindset may change so im wanting to know what u did to prepare for a drug free birth, what did u use during labour, what worked well, or what would u do different next time???????
Hi, I have birthed twice at a birthing centre - both drug free. The first time I was not coping well with the contractions at home and I wanted drugs - it was so painful. But when we arrived at birth care I was 10 cm! So that what all the pain was about - transition.

With my second labour I focused on breathing in and out with the contractions - just away to focus my brain rather then panic. I understood more what a bad contraction was. And when I got to this point I just talked to myself in my head. I told myself "its okay I can do this" "one more contraction closer to baby." Basically I tried to stay in control of my emotions and tried not to panic with the pain. At home I used a wheat bag after each contraction to help relax my tummy. I used it in the car too.

I had planned to use the birthing pool both times but never got the chance - both babies too fast.
thanks, im hoping that being my second time and being familiar and aware of the process it will help keep me relaxed.

im hoping also by keeping my mind focused and telling myself i can do it, it will help whereas last time i kept thinking i cant do this i cant do this.
With my daughter i went in with the idea of only having pain killers and nothing else! I used the ball a lot as it seems to have been helping with my back pain! Breathing is a massive part of it i think when i stopped breathing i wanted something for the pain! My key was my partner! He really kept me focused on the breathing and beore i knew it i was ready to push! Went the whole labour drug free and im pregnant again and plan to do the same! Its always towards the end you wanna give up so just try to breathe and count the pain away, sometimes focusing on that made an hour go by in what felt like 5 mins!
Good luck with the birth!! Very exciting time!!

hi there, i just had my DD2 4 wks ago and did it drug free. with my DD1 i was induced (had the drip) and was stuck on the bed with monitors and ended up getting epidural but not the proper thing just local as it was enough to relax me then was ready to push within minutes. was really painfull as i couldnt move around to cope with pain.

this time i think breathing was the best help for me, every contraction i just stood up leaning on the bed rocking my hips and deep breathing through it was the best. i only had to get the gel to induce me this time so i was free to walk around as i wanted and i hoped in the bath(planned on wanting a water birth) and within 15 mins of getting in i was ready to push went from 6cm to fully in 15 min! ended up getting to hot in pool so hoped out.

for me i expected it to be sore but told my self the pain was good and there for a reason - to get this baby out! i really didnt even cross my mind to get releif all i was thinking is get this baby out! lol coldnt of done it with out my hubby supporting me though just that support was a big help
i had a drug free birth with my labour. my midwife leant me a book about 4 weeks before due date called 'Birth Skills' i think its by Juju sundin?? (or something like that) i found it really helpful as it taught me different ways to manage and deal with the pain. it goes thru a number of different techniques which was great cos when one wasnt working anymore, i tried another one till i found one that did!
Really reccommend that you give it a read smile
Good luck
Hey! I'm also preparing for drug free, and I'm feeling confident about it. With dd I demanded pethadine - I really wasn't coping with the pain and just wanted it to go away. What I didn't realise is that although the peth made me drowsy between contractions, it didn't take my pain away at all. I was surprised as I didnt know that's how it worked. Same with the gas!

This time I want to do it drug free. An epidural is not even an option in my mind, and neither was it last time. I hate the thought of a needle near my spinal cord!

So my plan is to take our ipod in. Dh is going to download some chillax music on there and I know it'll help distract me because I really do love the ipod for walks etc - it puts me into another place. I'm also planning on trying the shower and the spa when its unbearable - last time they put me on the bed and I didn't move from there as I didn't really know I could get up!

Despite this dds birth was really amazing and a great experience, its just that this time I have more idea of what I want.

I have 4 weeks to go and getting my mind used to the idea that its going to hurt but I'll be ok is a big thing! I've been looking up vaginal births on YouTube! Graphic..... lol!

Both my births have been drug free, and both times i left the hospital the day of the birth.

My first pregnancy i met with the same midwife the whole time and explained my fears to her and what sort of birth i wanted.The second time i wrote a simple birth plan.

My main theme both times was that instead of suggesting drugs for pain relief that ideas for different position only me talked about when i complained of pain.

Massage, ball, shower, walking, rocking. were the suggestion given to me. I was also very vocal with my breathing thought the pain as it was something to focus on.

It also helps if you understand exactly what your body and baby are doing. if you can relax the muscles that need to be relaxed and push with the correct muscles the process can be help move along.
I prevented tearing the second time as i was able to breathe and let the area stretch. unlike the first time when i just wanted him out but it just lengthen the birth and i needed stitches.
Can anyone on here recommend a birthing centre in Melbourne where you can have water birth's?
My sister is very keen and is only in her very early pregnancy stage
I had a 15 hour drug free water birth. I swear by the book Birth Skills by Juju Sundin and Sarah Murdoch. Have a bag of tricks in your toolbox to distract you from the pain and you may remember at least one whilst in labour. Talk to your partner about the skills you will use sso they can remind/suggest things to you when you forget whilst managing the pain. Loads of practising visualisation and mantras you will say to yourself when the contractions come, before the actual birth/labour so when you are in labour the visualisations/mantras are in your memory/subconscious.

I also had some cranial sacral therapy done the day before my baby was to be induced to engage the baby, by a very old wise midwife and she said to me to talk to my baby before the birth, during contractions/labour and tell them you are guiding and working with them for a calm pleasant entry into the world.

Well it worked and I had overall a pleasant birth, still a long journey but now going back for my second bub and I have no fear around the labour what so ever! Good Luck!
Hi there, I am very blessed to have had 2 drug free labours. With the first labour, we had acupunture and leading up to the birth and during the early stages used accupressure during the labour. We also used visual techniques that helped me alot. I had a picture of me scuba diving (something I find very relaxing and also encourages regular controlled breathing - holding your breath during scuba diving is a no-no) and that helped me focus during the contractions. The images helped take my mind off the pain - and yes I was prepared for it to hurt as that's what labour was about and think about more relaxed times - probably a distraction technique... Also, during the contractions, my midwife was using the pressure points on my hands (near the web of my thumb) and my husband was using the pressure points on my back (maybe the sciatic ones - cant remember exactly, but your midwife could help with this). I was also sitting on a swiss ball and rocking my hips. With number 1 I wanted a water birth too - but for various reasons - it didnt happen. I was also really happy to have changes to my birth plan which meant I wasnt too bothered in the end by the change to the water birth plan. With number 2 I was standing, leaning over the bed throughout as I had symphysis pubis and lying or sitting was really painful. We used the same accupressure techniques, with pressure points in the back and this time on the inner ankle. I know I am very lucky with good child bearing hips that make my labours quite easy (something you really dont know until you have a child yourself), so this wont be for everyone, but hopefully there's something in here that helps you even a little. All the best!
I went to birth classes leading up to the birth of my first, they teach you to focus on your breathing. I went into labour at 34 weeks and never finished the classes. But I had a drug free labour, oh though I didn't know I was in labour until I was 5cm. But when I knew and the pain got more intense, I focused on my breathing out and just kept saying to myself I can do this. I think its really important to talk positive to yourself and notice when the contraction has hit the peak.
I'm now about to have my second and am sure that I can do it again drug free.
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