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Requirements for Unassited Birth Lock Rss

errrrr......your other post was alright. Why would you change it so dramatically?
Tiny-Tink wrote:
hope every thing goes well and safe!! clean towels, blankets, plastic bag for placenta, thick tie eg clean shoe lace to tie the cord. member not to cut the cord keep the placenta close to bub and keep him warm close to you xx

I would use an icecream container or bucket as plastic bags tend to have holes in odd

I am not sure why you have written to tie the cord off, but not to cut it. If you decide to cut the cord, the tie and scissors should be sterile. In a lotus birth where you leave the placenta attached, you wouldn't tie the cord.
Henci Goer's Thinking Woman's Guide is good. There's also a book called Emergency Childbirth that a lot of freebirthers recommend. I've not read that one though.

There's a list of recommended homebirth supplies here:

I daresay your vagina's about the only essential item though wink
I didn't go the freebirthing option, but I do feel all pregnant women should know how to freebirth. Not many recommend it, so it's hard to find someone to explain it, but what if that happens. Then a pregnant woman should at least know what she can and can't do and what she should and shouldn't do. Thanks for the advice. Some of those books were really useful.
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