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Where's all the Sydney Birth Centres?? Lock Rss

Hi All,

I am 12 weeks and am desperately trying to find a birthing centre with bath facilities that will take me! So far the only ones I can find are RHW Randwick and RPA Camperdown. Are these really the only birthing centres in Sydney?
I'm in Kellyville in the Hills District. I have looked at Blacktown, which no longer operates a separate birthing centre. I have also looked at Hornsby Kuring-gai and Royal North Shore and while they both have a midwifery group practice, they don't seem to have facilities characteristic of a Birthing Centre (at least not what I've read about).
I really want a midwife run birthing centre, with home environment like facilities, attached to or close to a hospital...
Any ideas or recommendations?
not sure if they do but have you tried nepean?

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi, I was talking to a friend today who had a waterbirth in one of the Birth Centre rooms at Blacktown hospital through the Midwifery Group Practice. The baths aren't big, but she managed it. She also raved about her care from her group practice midwife. smile
Not sure about baths but there's one at ryde, my friend delivered 2 of her 4 children there and loved it
Hi not sure about birth centres but I'm going to hornsby through there midwife group practice and they are fantastic so far. I had my daughter there in 2008 and loved it. In the midwife group practice i have the same midwife for all my antenatal care, birth and for home visits for 2 weeks following the birth. I won't see an ob throughout my pregnancy (unless there is a complication) and my midwife will be the only one at the birth (again unless there is a complication). They encourage a drug free birth and like you to go home 6 hrs after the birth (straight from birthing suite), if you really want to stay a night on the ward you can but they encourage you to go home if you have had an uncomplicated birth. They then visit you the next day and continue to do so for 2 week or more if you need it. They encourage intervention free births and also encourage water births.

I know its not the same as a birthing centre but from what I've heard its the closest option available and the midwifes that run it are amazing.

Not sure if you found one Jazlie, but if you can't then I suggest finding a hospital that is pro-natural and is run by a midwifery program. Many have birthing pools/spa and other helpful things like birthing balls, stools and mats etc. to help you birth comfortably and naturally.

Good Luck ... xxx

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