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Cost of Homebirths Lock Rss

From experience can anyone tell me what the costs were for them to have a homebirth? I would love a homebirth for my last bubba due in May but don't think I'll be able to due to the costs. Hubby is supportive of having homebirth, but I just can't see it happening as it seems to have a midwife attend will cost $2000 - $4000 sad TIA
Are you eligible for baby bonus? I think it $5k now? That should more than cover your costs smile
No, not eligible. Got married last December and just bought a house. DH is supportive of Homebirth but he cant justify spending the money on it when I can go to hospital and birth there, I guess in the end men don't really know what it's like but I can understand his point as every dime is going into our house. Just not looking forward to the hr trip to hospital and then an hr back the same day with a 4yr old, 1yr old and a new born. I think it would be so much less stressful at home. And I had a great birth last time...natural, no interventions or drugs, natural third stage as well, no trouble breastfeeding. All I wanted to do last time was get home to rest with bubs, but had to wait 6hrs part of that in a waiting room for a dr to check bubs(who we were told was busy, but apparently just hadn't thought it urgent...what mum needs rest after giving birth!).
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