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tips for drug free birth pls Lock Rss

Hi, starting to feel more and more strongly about trying for a drug free birth. I want bubs to be awake and the way he/she should be when born, not tired from meds.

What are some tips/coping strategies you used?

I am a big believer of warm water as pain relief, so that my first thought. Should you get to a certain point before utilising it though?I heard water is relaxing and can slow labour.


I only got in the shower after waters broke so too late for slowing things down, but boy did it feel good! Try to think positively, remember each pain is bringing your baby that bit closer, stay active during labour, and focus on your breathing
Water does nothing for me unless Im pregnant, then its relaxing but during the birth process water doesnt do much. For me itd be just focusing on my breathing.
Goodluck smile

With both I would zone out just relaxed my whole entire body and went for the ride of that contraction when it eased I walked around washed my dishes cleaned my house I used a hot water bottle strapped to my lower stomach it really made a huge difference.
At the hospital I didn't go any where near that bed I even walked around the birthing unit cracked some really bad jokes swore a few times told my husband off my mother I do remember saying swimming with dolphins don't know how that helped but I guess it did.
I have not used water or a shower yet.
I have had 2 drug free births so far.
With DS I bounced on my fitness ball. At home and at hospital. Was a good distraction and the mw could tell how long and frequent my contractions were by my bouncing lol. I also found a spot in the room to focus on and when things got really intense I paced up and down the room real fast. I ended up using a bit of gas through transition but found it too hard whilst pushing so did that part drug free. Just listen to your body and remember that every contraction brings you closer to baby!! smile's me..Blee wink

Read Juju Sundin's 'Birth Skills'. I used a lot of the leg work. It was good.

I'm going to look at "hypnobirthing" techniques, which go along with some of the things the others have said here. Visualisation, breathing through contractions etc. The theory goes that when you fear childbirth or pain, you tense up your whole body, actually creating a cycle of more anxiety and pain, whereas you can learn to do the opposite and feel more in control with a few simple ideas, and therefore help encourage a more efficient, stress-less labour.
Agreed though - you do also need a "go with the flow" attitude, and be ready to do what it takes to get your baby out safely and keep yourself in good health. So if things don't go as you imagined, don't worry too much, as long as everyone is safe and well.
Hire a doula!!!!
I sat in the spa bath for most of my labour as I felt so silly pacing around the birth suite with the midwife gazing at me. The water helped me feel slightly more comfortable but maybe it was also the 'cozy' environment. I remember I even drifted off to sleep in between contractions while listening to DH talking to the midwife. DS would have been a water birth except I was unable to push him out and they had to help us along with forceps.
So for me, the environment definitely made a difference as I found the birth suite cold and harsh (lighting).
i used hot towels and cold towels to help with my labour. we had lots of old towels at home that my support people dipped into buckets of really hot water used these on my lower back and on my belly. in our antenatal classes they talked about them being "a home birth epidural", i was quite scornful, but they were actually pretty incredible at helping with the pain!!

when contractions got more intense, bearing down into them helped too. although that probably doesnt make sense over the internet!
I used hypnobirthing and also a naturopath. Hypnobirthing just helped me control my breathing and focus on my baby and not the fear we sometimes hold.

I feel my naturopath helped the most. he gave me something called blue cohosh that if false labour started once taking it it would stop, but if it was the real thing I would keep having contractions. It also helped my cervix relax so I didn't have a long uncomfortable labour at all. I know it work because when I stopped taking it (you were suppose to take it every 50mins with a glass of water which also made sure I was hydrated) everything slowed right down and then when my mother reminded me to take it again things got moving.

Also as gross as it was perineal massage helped. I set my phone timer for 5 mins every night after my shower and I only ended up with two tiny stitches I probably didn't need as they were just grazes but my midwife said they'd help speed up the healing.

and of course water.
and just remember contractions aren't that long and you do get a break in between if you trap yourself into thinking this will go on forever your mind and body will get exhausted.
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