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tips for drug free birth pls Lock Rss

If that is what you want to achieve then go for it. Just remember every mum to be reacts differently to the contractions. Some breeze through and others don't. (Sorry I was one of the ones that didnt).

I would think just focus on the breathing side of things mainly. Some of the other tips on here are a good idea as well. If you do find you need to have drugs in the end try not to stress out too much. As long as the baby is delivered safely that is the main thing.

DD is 3 and I had a drug free birth.

We had planned to go through the birth centre so I was prepared to go natural.

I don't really ahve any preparation tips or ticks but I believe that if you have a strong support person with you, you can do anything.

Looking back I have no iodea how I did it really! Take one moment at a time and don't think about what's ahead. Deal with what's in the present and oyu will get through.

ALSO! Don't feel diheartened or anythiung if you feel that you do need something to get you through - at the end of the day if you and bubs are healthy and safe that is all that matters

You women who do it drug free are brave.

I went up to 6 cm with the gas and then got an epidural. Epidural was the best thing
ever and I would get one again with the next baby but next time sooner. I could hear
a woman in the next room giving birth and she was obviously doing it drug free and
she scared the hell outta me.

The first time I read a book called the Alexander Technique (I think -sorry this was 10 years ago) but it was helpful in that it went a lot into understanding exactly how your body works, what it is doing in labour and why. It becomes a sort of meditative mantra of understanding whats going on and why to help get through it. Having said that, there was no meditating in labour so that all went out the window as I begged the midwife to let me go home and have a lie down and that I'd come back later to finish. But I digress... For me I think it helps finding out lots of information about the birth process, including what options of pain relief are available, how they work, what problems might necessitate intervention, why, how they work etc. Good luck
I read positive birth stories on the internet. Calm birth, hypnobirthing stories. Also stayed upright and let the midwife massage the back, i also birthed in the kneeling at the end of the bed, leaning on it. My waters broke naturally not manually. All these helped for me.
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