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Hi, how late did your baby turn to be head down?
I am currently 33 weeks & 6 days pregnant & my baby is still breeched. We are planning a home birth but of course a breeched baby will prevent this.
Should I be concerned?
Thanks in advance ; )
Melky_Grace wrote:
Hi, how late did your baby turn to be head down?
I am currently 33 weeks & 6 days pregnant & my baby is still breeched. We are planning a home birth but of course a breeched baby will prevent this.
Should I be concerned?
Thanks in advance ; )

You might find this website useful...

I know someone who had a breech baby at home, but in saying that they didn't know baby was breech at the time, and mum did say she didn't know if she would have opted for the home birth had they known. DS1 was supposedly breech at about 33 weeks..a scan at 35 weeks confirmed that he was head down and well engaged, which to me suggests he was never breech in the first place. I spent a lot of time on my hands and knees and upside down in the two weeks between being told he was breech and the scan though so who knows. unsure

There is a procedure known as ECV (External Cephalic Version). As another poster has said, there are risks involved and it's not guaranteed to work, or that if it does baby will stay head down. I might have taken one if offered, but was moot in my case.

I agreed to an ECV after moxibustion sticks and all of the spinning babies stuff failed. There was a risk of going into labour, so you may wind up having an emergency c-section. It has a fair success rate. As it was, I went into labour the morning I was supposed to have the ECV, so had a very relaxed "emergency" c-section, which was actually wonderful. In a calm, happy environment I got to sit back and share with my DH the wonderful moment my baby entered the world. I just mention this to reassure you that if it comes to that it can be brilliant, too. smile
I found out at a scan at 36w that dd1 was breech (had been told at prdvious appointments that she was head down). Because I had been admitted for preeclampsia I didn't get any other choice given but to have a csection. She was delivered at 37+5w and docs said she was still breech.
i already know that im going to have cs, because of my fibroid..
the thing is that i didnt know the baby still on breech, on my 36weeks appt. saturday my midwife say check for ultrasound again maybe the baby already turned around. so on wednesday after finished work i go for ultrasound in the hospital..and the result is the baby still on breech..and then the lady said who done my ultrasound that i have to go further test because maybe im my water us leaking, so i go to further test, and that night one of the doctor say i have to be admitted in the hospital to check if really my water didnt leak..
on the next day the doctor say they have to take out the baby cause of my water leak, on that day i called my husband that i going to have a baby and its early 5weeks, and then i call my boss to work,that i cant come to work,cause of having my baby and they shocked,cause the other day im still working..and the next day i gave birth..
im lucky that nothing happened to my baby and now his 5 months and his very healthy and strong..
to all moms thats on breech just becareful alwayz u never know what happens in our daily lives.
take care.. god bless us all..
My baby was breech from 33 weeks and I tried everything from moxibustion sticks, reflexology and acupressure and saw a chiropractor and did all the lying upside down stuff too. Spinning babies is a great website to check out.
I had an ecv - which was the worst part of my whole pregnancy and birthing experience and unfortunately it was unsuccessful. I was never stressed about my bub being breech as my partner was breech and turned at the last minute so I assumed our bub would do the same.
I was prepared for either a natural birth (depended on which dr was on shift as only a few were experienced with delivering breech babies) or c section.

You will find that some hospitals are more supportive and experienced with vaginal breech births than others. Randwick Royal Womens hospital in Sydney is meant to be one of the best for natural breech births.

I had a CS on 22nd jan 2013, and it went really well. Was a great experience. My only regret- not asking for bub to come to recovery with me after my surgery.
At least he got to spend those early moments with his dad smile
Best of luck
just saw that your in wa. Hope there are great supportive dr's and midwifes for you smile
Thank you soooooooooooooo much everyone for all of your replies. I really appreciate it!!!
; )
My first born was breech from 30 weeks. I tried everything from head on floor bum on lounge, frozen peas on top of belly. But bub just was happy and comfortable in the position he was in. I didn't want him turned I just had a strong feeling not to. It could be the shape of your uterus. If baby is staying that way it's meant to be. At full term we had a scan and baby was still breech. So you have that option to check still.

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