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Water Birth? Lock Rss

I had both my babies in water. I thought it was good but I can't really compare to non waterbirths coz I havent done it.
I LOVED having a water birth, it was the most amazing experience. It definitely helped with the pain. I got out at one point and contractions were unbearable compared to being in the water. I haven't experienced birth any other way so i can't really compare but I would 100% do a waterbirth for my next one. Its also it meant to help reduce tearing and in my case not a single tear so that was also a bonus. The atmosphere also seems really relaxed compared to the rooms it was all dimly lit and really peaceful in the pool
Someone had a similar thread a few days ago and had a few replies, so if you can find it (about 3 days ago) there are some great responses on that! I've just copied what I wrote here smile
I too had a water birth last pregnancy, although totally unplanned! (Was at Tweed). I found the water was the best pain relief I've had, (compared to various things tried in the previous labour). I could not believe how much relief I got from it. I also found it a calming delivery for me. I think bubba benefited from it too. I couldn't say enough good things about it. Would fully recommend going for it if u have the choice. As someone else said tho, so many things can mean it may not be the safest option at the time so preparing yourself for the water birth as a first option but having an open mind about other possibilities would be very beneficial. I've heard good things about John Flynn from my friends here, never experience it myself though.
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