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Home births!!!!!!! Lock Rss

How many have decided to have home-births???

I have had 2 home births, I found them quite good.
First my 1st home-birth I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but my mid-wife was really good, she also had a training mid-wife with her.

My second home-birth wasnt bad, just abit harder then the other one, cause baby was up the wrong way, I wanted to stop pushing half way through my mw and partner said you can't stop now. Baby was born face up. but healthy.

Would like to know what other think about them. If you havent had one would you like too?
I have had 2 homebirths. Both waterbirths in my lounge, both in thunderstorms. The first was in front of the fire and the second it was coming into summer. She was super quick so the water was only knee deep. amazing experiences and I look forward to my third in November!
I watched my brother be born at home when I was 5 and I also wanted to be a homebirth midwife when I was growing up.
I had my second baby at home(waterbirth), would definately do it again!

I felt much more comfortable in my own home and easier to distract from the contractions.
My DH wasn't there when the midwifes were setting up and covering the couch in layers of waterproofing for after the birth so he was a bit concerned when they got me to sit on the couch. He was like oh no are we going to have a huge big blood stain on the couch to remind us of the homebirth!
I have had two home births and loved them grin
I would have another one if I had another baby.
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khmum wrote:
I would love to have a home birth, but since I am 90 km from the nearest hospital, i feel a bit too anxious thinking about if something went wrong and how long it would take to get to a hospital. If i lived say 10 mins or so from a hospital I would do it. Especially it being my third child and having had 2 pretty straightforward natural births without any complications, I reckon it would be lovely to have a birth at home with my girls..

Just a question..... Are you intending to travel to the hospital for your birth or go to a local birthing centre? If you are going to a birthing centre then just so you know a home birth midwife carries everything with her that you would have in a birthing centre and if there were complications the birthing centre would just ring an ambulance like a home birth midwife. smile
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I have had 2 home births, I wasn't sure what to expect but if I was pregnant again I would consider another home birth.

2 youngest kiddies were born at home, but oldest girl was born in hospital but she could have been born at home as well but they mid wife didn't have her home birth gear, as she thought this might be long labour.
Baby number 3 was a homebirth smile
I felt completely safe and supported.
I wish I chose to homebirth with my first 2... They probably would've had far more positive outcomes. Most argue that they HAD positive outcomes being that I brought home healthy babies from the hospital but I suffered trauma, stress, anxiety and depression right up until I had my healing homebirth.

My homebirth wasn't entirely smooth sailing, I had a few issues once I delivered the placenta with really heavy bleeding and my uterus not clamping down which meant my midwife had to massage my belly... This was painful. I also went into a bit of shock because my labour was so fast and quite brutal with no warm up contractions. I also needed a catheter so I could empty my bladder, with my body in shock I couldn't pee! I was too scared to! You would think after pushing out a 3.8kg baby, peeing would be easy hahaha
My MW was experienced to manage all of these issues smile
I'd do it again in a flash!

I am kitty wink

Mel+2 wrote:
I've had both mine in hospital. I have never considered a homebirth as in my mind they are too dangerous, luckily with both my labours I was in hospital as I had complications with both. I can't help but be worried for people when they say they are considering a homebirth, but glad they have worked out for all you ladies smile
I tend to worry when people plan ob managed hospital births for a low risk pregnancy. wink
If I was pregnant again I would have another home-birth all going well with the pregnancy.
I had an unplanned home birth for my first and and now cant picture myself ever giving birth in a hospital. I was very surprised by this as I always though home birth was silly and better to 'play it safe' and go to the hospital. Especially given that I am the worlds biggest wuss and knew I wanted to be near the drugs! After my 1st arrived in a great hurry at home I was converted smile Number 2 I had a planned home birth and so pleased I did as he ended up being posterior and I took 2 hrs to push him out. I know that if I had been in hospital I would have given up and they would have had to intervene to get him out (I wanted so badly to give up at home but didn't have that option wink ) 2 great births at home! And would absolutely have another if we decide to go for round 3 smile
[quote post="3440560" name="ja_nel"][b]ja_nel wrote[/b]:
hello stranger!!! Where have you been hiding?[/quote]

Was not expecting anyone to note I had been gone/ popped back on tongue
I have a fantastic FB group from when I had my little man so don't come on here much anymore. But always get drawn back in occasionally wink[/quote]

What is the name of your fb group you have set up??
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