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to have an epidural or to not? Lock Rss

just have it!! never thought i'd say that!! dd2 is 6.5wks & if I knew how good it was before I had it (had to have it for forceps delivery) I wouldn't of put up with the pain... dd1 was born via emergency C-section & I had to go under, but I wish I had of got an epi for that labour, even though I wasn't in pain, I would of been awake to meet her...
My sons 3 weeks today he came early due to - a c section I went in on Friday morning 9 am for tests ultrasound showed he had no fluid left in my tummy so 3 pm Friday afternoon they induced me so painfull I told them to just cut me open I knew my body I wasn't going to be able to push him out even though it's my 1st anyway they tried to get me into labour I didn't dilate more then 3 cm then at 3 in the morning off I went to my c section just before they gave me the epi dural I hate needles I was exhausted and cranky mum and my partner talked me around to it as they couldn't put me under to cut him out I had high blood pressure . So I sat with my back to the window legs on a chair and in it went I felt it I screamed then felt the electric shots down my leg then I was so numb my legs were like rocks I couldn't even roll to my side . I could feel all the pushing to get him out it was so weird I spent a day in bed numb then I could finally walk again it felt so weird . I hated it but I would do it all again .
Great to hear everyone's thoughts. I'm expecting my first child so it's good to get all the different perspectives. That said, I have experienced too much pain already in my life and think I'll get an epidural, though of course will have to wait and see on the day. Must admit my experiences with pain mean I'm terrified of birth!
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