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So nervous but think I have made the decision to have a home birth Lock Rss

Hi ladies (and gents),

I am 27 weeks and I am new to this forum so HI!
After the birth of my son I swore I was not going to have anymore babies after horrible experience from being induced at the hospital at 41 weeks. My midwife left me alone with the student midwife for 80% of the birth, the hospital staff were in and out like a bunch of nosy buggers and I had 72 hours of pain until I was taken in for forceps and given an epidural (doctors orders) eek just talking about it gives me the shivers and that was 4 years ago! After I had time to reflect on my birthing experience I knew that I was mistreated, under-guided unprepared as I was very young and of course I was extremely terrified. This time I have researched and my husband and I think that the majority of hassles started from the minute I went into hospital, I was doing fine on my own before hand, so we have decided to give home birthing a try for this one.
I feel excited for this birth because I feel like I will be in control and I can relax at home and do things in my own time (not in the staff at the hospital's 'should be' time) I have a wonderful midwife this time and my husband and I are stronger than ever when it comes to labour and birth.
Any hints or suggestions would be much appreciated. I am looking into hiring a birthing pool and finding some relaxing music to play to help me to focus and relax.
Welcome smile

I think it's great that you want a home birth, we would have considered it but we are 30mins from the hospital and decided in the event of an emergency for us that was just too far/dangerous as first time parents.

Great that you have a midwife this time who is better, I think it makes such a difference, we were so lucky ours was amazing and with us the entire time we were at the hospital while I was in labour until about 4 hours after the birth so about 16 hours, she left for maybe 15mins total over that time to go the toilet or make a coffee.

All the best I hope you get the birthing experience you want this time smile
Hi and welcome! also congrats smile

I have had two homebirths and plan on having my third at home to. Best piece od advice... Don't be afraid to use what ever you need to in the house to help you birth. With my first I used the toilet, the table and eventually the chairs but you have free reign at home to try what ever you like! With the second I used a exercise ball and loved that. Pick your oldest towels that don't look to dirty to help out with the clean up after. That way you can just biff them after wards. Oh and we've used a tarpaulin over the floors so you don't have to worry about mess making.

Wishing you all the best and remember (enjoy) smile
Hi Everyone,
And thanks for your comments and hints. I spoke to my midwife yesterday and she is excited for me she spoke about the different atmosphere at home as opposed to a hospital but in saying that she did say if "special circumstances" arise to have a plan to make the atmosphere the same in the hospital. wink
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