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Home birth? or Gold coast hospital...confused!! Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,
I am almost 36 weeks pregnant and have only just found out that I cannot get into the Gold coast Birth Centre as its fully booked.. this is my third baby and im totally shattered as I had my heart set on it. My other option was a home birth but now with my due date rapidly approaching Im very stressed out and dont know what to do!
My main issue is that I MUST have a water birth, my second was a waterbirth and i loved it, the thought of a dry birth makes me cringe.. I really feel like my body is more than capable of a homebirth but I dont think I can afford a midwife.. $2000 is alot... so I would do it un assisted. is that crazy? Has anyone birthed at the Gold coast birthing Suite? and if so was it a pleasent experience and is a waterbirth an option?
Oh you poor thing this must be sooo stressful. Home birth unassisted is crazy! There is nothing more important than your safety and that of your baby, I understand a lot of people deliver at home unassisted due to unexpected early or fast arrival but to do it to avoid a hospital which may not offer a birthing pool is in my opinion reckless and putting yourself and bubs in grave danger! Although childbirth Is a lot safer these days complications can and do arise and your need trained medical professionals there.

I had use of a birthing pool at the hospital where I had DD and it was great (I didn't birth in it but it definitely helped get me through the later stages) and if we have another I would like it again but it won't be a deal breaker.

Could you hire a birthing pool and take it with you to the hospital if they don't have one?
I know it's crazy which is why I probably wouldn't go thru with it. So peeved off I don't get to birth at birth centre, all because I find out at 36 week's my doctor referred me to the hospital instead.

That's a bugger you can't birth in them only Labour! Doesn't make sense... It's a shame homebirths are so pricey!
my hospital didn't allow a water birth (something to do with hospital policies, training etc) but with my DS the midwife let me deliver sitting on a birthing chair in the shower. She said so long as the water was just going down my back and not my front so that when bub was born the water wasn't going over his face it would fit with the hospital's policies. It wasn't a water birth but if you find water in labour to be helpful it might be worth asking if they'd let you do the same.

Little Miss' wrote:
As far as I know the new GC hospital has baths that you can labour in but not deliver in. I know 2 ladies who have delivered there recently. smile

I had my bubs there 12 weeks ago and labour rooms are huge and have giant baths which I spent the most part of my labor in and only got out on the last couple of pushes smile
Excellent I'm not so worried anymore, as long as I can use water way or another for my Labour I'm a happy Mum smile
Most homebirth middys are happy to work out some kind of payment plan so you can defer some of the payment until after the birth when you get the baby bonus.
By the time I have the baby, baby bonus will have ended, otherwise I'd definitely do that.
I hadn't realized it was ending!......Just had a quick look and it looks like it's being replaced. If you're eligible for family tax part A you can claim $2000 for first baby and $1000 payment for subsequent babies. Only looked quickly, not sure of requirements. I would still try to find a hb midwife. Have a chat and see if they'd be willing to work out a payment plan.
Thanks for that smile if I was eligible for the 1000 I'd be happy with that as I could pay the rest. Thank you I will look into that!
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