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Water birth.. Lock Rss

hey iv decided to have a water birth with my first baby (if everything goes to plan) because i want a more natural birth no drugs etc can you tell me your positive experiences with water births as im starting to feel a little nervous!! the midwife hasn't really given me much detail yet apart from if i poo they fish it out sleep haha thank you x
Yay for you!
I stayed home as long as possible. The pool at the birthing centre was something really positive to look forward to and I got into my groove once in the pool. Dd was posterior and I had a lot of back ache throughout, the water really took the back ache away and it was the first time I had felt comfortable in months (well, aside from the contractions). I didn't manage to birth in the pool and I got out a few times to walk around and try different things. I recommend it.

All the best smile

I had a water birth with my second bub and is great for getting into good positions smile They also say you have less chance of tearing which is an added bonus! wink I did have an issue with getting really hot in there, they had to keep adding more hot so it was warm enough for baby but it was the last thing I wanted. Had my man pouring icy water down my back to cool me down. And also its a daunting thought of having to get out post bub wink but no doubt youl have some helpers there to help you. Highly recommend it! And will be attempting another water birth with my baby due in August. I highly recommend TENS too ... but cant use that once you hop in the pool. But a great option for when your at home (and getting to the hospital if your going for a hospital water birth) before you hop in the pool.
thanks for your replies smile I don't know anyone that's had a water birth so its making me a little bit nervous, my mum has a tens machine so I might steal that before I have to get in the water!! it makes me look forward to the experience a little bit more! good luck with your bubba jstar im due in oct smile
Don't be nervous! It's just another thing you can try - and if you don't like it, get out smile It was strongly recommended to me by those who had done it, so I really wanted to do it too. Midwife suggested I keep it as a 'special' change for when labour got more intense, but then at next check there wasn't time to set it up (they do inflatable ones in your labour room) tongue Missed out that time, hopefully can try it next! Good luck to you smile
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