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Hi, I just want to know where I can get a birthing pool that doesn't cost so much. Or has anyone used just a regular pool to birth in at home. Also I was talking to someone about my home birth and they said you get paid for having a homebirth in nz as you aren't using their resources? Is this true?
I've had 2 different midwifes that had their own births pools or joint access to one... Could you find a midwife that has one?
The first one I used was a large blowup paddling pool, had fish on the sides! I've seen a pic of a friend who used that same type too, in a different part of the country.
Second one was a proper blowup birth pool, at home.
My midwife gave me a $100 supermarket voucher as her way of passing on the money they get that is to go to the mother for a home birth.
She brought lots of hospital towels etc out too so I didn't even need much
I was thinking about just using a regular pool, just it would have to handle me leaning on the side i suppose. What things did you need to buy yourself for the birth or do you have any recommendations for me?
The sides were quite thick.
I don't think I bought anything really, the midwife brought out most of it, they stock up from the hospital, towels and waterproofing stuff.
Then tidied up and took it all away.
They did ask for a container to catch the placenta, but we had a few cheap plastic buckets so just used one of those. I didn't want to keep it so she bagged it and took it away. (Although left the unrinsed bucket in the laundry, lucky hubby saw it before my dad visited!)
I had also made a birth mat just in case I didn't stay in the pool (rubbish bag backing with newspaper and a sheet, can google it)
You are probably best to ask your midwife what she would bring and what you need to organise.
I do suggest some really easy meals (like bought frozen ones) for that first day, but that's because my bubs was born late arvo and I was starving, but cheese on toast seemed the only easy food.
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