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Is your partner or your family unsupportive of your birth plan? Lock Rss

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My partner have a plan that restricts visitors at the hospital to just grandparents. We have decided this because we want to maximise our bonding time and because my partner is not actually biologically linked to our baby we want to make sure she gets plenty of time with the little one before everyone else comes calling. We had the same plan with our first child but this went a little out the window after a complicated delivery resulted in some touch and go moments for me (the in-laws wanted to make sure I was still alive).
However, my partner's family could never understand about us staggering visitors and restricting them whilst in the hospital (mainly because her sister invited everyone at the same time and at all times).
I plan to stick strong to the plan this time around as it was just such a busy time and not very enjoyable with my recovery...people can come visit when we get home! Especially since we will have to integrate our son into the process as well.
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