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Home birth! Lock Rss

Actually I'm trying to conceive. If I become pregnant I will go only for home birth as I hate hospital atmosphere. Can some one share your home birth experience? But what if there is some other complications like heavy bleeding?
Never done a home birth but have you thought about birth centres. They give the home birth environment with the safety of knowing there's a hospital right next door if something goes wrong. They had a nice double bed, a big bath tub. You could dim the lights, play music etc and have your partner stay with you. To me it was better than home as someone else would clean up!

My understanding is with a home birth if something goes wrong you call an ambulance. I considered it for my first bub but there aren't any midwives where I live who'll do them. I went through a birth centre and was very glad to be next door to the hospital as I needed an emergency operation after my son was born (I'd lost 1.5 litres of blood in the 10 minutes between when my son was born and when I was transferred into the operating theatre). After that experience I'd never even consider it in the future.

That said, when people have them and everything goes well, it's meant to be great. I just couldn't risk it now.
Hi I have two children who are 5 and almost 3. We had both of them at home. We hired a birth pool. It was AMAZING both times to have them at home. The main reasons I wanted a homebirth were because I wanted to give birth naturally without intervention unless it was a life or death situation and I wanted a water birth. So we had them at home surrounded by family and two midwives. For my second child's birth our first watched the whole thing (she was 2.5 years) such treasured memories. Good luck! Hope u have a homebirth too smile
Nope, I don't agree with you here. I like home but if there is any problem occur then it would be a life risk for you. So first admit to the hospital if everything is okay then you'll give normal birth.
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